Android Pay in-App and Vantiv Core

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Support for Android Pay on Vantiv Core

Large merchants and Enterprise retailers often prefer direct integrations to Vantiv's core payment processing platforms.


Integrations may be done by the merchant themselves, or by point of sale solution providers working with Vantiv and the merchant.


Integrations to Vantiv's core platforms involve working directly with our payments integration team to connect to our high-throughput ISO 8583 compliant payment interface (IBM RAFT) or our 610 platform.


Merchant's integrated to Vantiv's IBM RAFT front-end can accept both in-App or in-Store payments via Android Pay.


Android Pay will package the EMVCo token and will return it in response to an Android Pay FullWalletRequest() as part of a 3DS encrypted package (versus the individual data elements). This means that the 3DS package needs to be decrypted and parsed by the merchant before the transaction can be processed.


Android Pay is facilitated by an extension to the ISO 8583 Authorization Request Message, subfield 126. Details are available in the Vantiv ISO specification.


If you are already integrated to our core payment platforms, and are interested in adding support for Android Pay in-app, please contact us and we will connect you with an integration consultant.



High-level Overview of the Integration Process

If you are already processing card not present payments with Vantiv's core processing platforms, adding support for Android Pay and certifying the integration is relatively straightforward. This is not something a merchant can do themselves however. Assistance will be required from Vantiv.


At a high level, the process for support Android Pay in-App payments is as follows:

  • The developer will build their Android Pay application as they normally would using resources available at Android Pay  |  Google Developers 
  • The developer should follow an integration path where the Merchant is required to decrypt the token
  • When the FullWalletRequest returns the encrypyed payment payload to your Android application, your application should forward to payload to your own servers for decryption
  • On decryption, populate the ISO8583 fields as normal with the specific values that enable Vantiv to interpret the transaction as being an Android Pay / e-commerce transaction
  • Vantiv will pass the decrypted Android Pay token to the card networks for processing as normal



Additional information about Vantiv core platforms available in the Vantiv O.N.E. Enterprise space. Vantiv O.N.E. members can  access our Technical Guides and Resources for Enterprise Integrations