Definition of Terms for Android in-app for Integrated Payments

Document created by lkilligrew on Aug 9, 2016
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Device PAN (also referred to as a “network token”. For mobile applications, the consumer’s PAN information is tied to the device it is stored on.

Full Wallet Request

Generated upon consumer confirmation and sent from the app to Google Cloud.


Host Card Emulation. Used by Android Pay

Masked Wallet Object

Returned from Google Cloud to in-app, and includes consumer’s masked card number and shipping information. Consumer has option to change the information. If this is done, Google Cloud returns an updated Masked Wallet Object to the app.

Masked Wallet Request

sent by the Android in-app to the Google cloud when consumer selects AndroidPay. Includes an object called PaymentMethodTokenizationParamters which indicates the app is using Vantiv.


high value token


Returned from eProtect. Low value token valid for 24 hours. 19 digits, MOD 10+1.