Apple Pay In-App FAQ

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This is a compilation of questions and answers about In-application payments and Apple Pay. An additional is available in the Vantiv Publication Vantiv eCommerce Apple Pay FAQ.


Question 1: What Vantiv platforms support Apple Pay in application payments. Where do I find developer document and resources?


In-app payments with Apple Pay are supported across the following three Vantiv platforms. The means of handling the decryption of the PKPaymentToken, and the specifics of performing payment transactions (authorizations, captures, refunds etc.) vary by platform. The specifics are documented at the links below for each Vantiv platform:

  • In-App Apple Pay and Vantiv core (ISO 8583 integrations to IBM RAFT) - learn more here
  • In-App Apple Pay and Vantiv's eCommerce platform (Litle/Lowell) - learn more here
  • In-App Apple Pay and Vantiv's MercuryPay platform - learn more here


Question 2: How are recurring payments handled with Apple Pay on Vantiv's eCommerce platform? (nothing is called out about this in the documentation)


This is a potential source of confusion, because normally in a recurring transaction, the litleXML orderSource field would be set "recurring". For ApplePay however, the value of this field must be set to "applepay".


Merchants using Apple Pay in this way will likely be submitting the PKPaymentToken to Vantiv as key value pairs in the LitleXML <applepay> structure (instead of using a <card> structure). They will need to set the oderSource to "applepay" on the first transaction. In subsequent, recurring transactions the orderSource value should be set to recurring. In October, Visa is changing how they do this, making it more secure. On the first transaction, Visa will start sending back an ID, which merchants will get in Vantiv’s transaction response. Merchant will then have to pass in that ID in the recurring transactions.


Question 3: How can Apple Pay be used with a card on file scenario


Apple Pay presently does not support card on file functionality.


Question 4: How is Apple Pay different than Apple Pay on the web?


Apple Pay can be used in different ways. To clarify, Apple Pay may be used in the store at a point of sale terminal that supports Apple Pay via NFC / tap transactions. If the merchant already has a device that supports Apple Pay, no effort on the part of a developer or merchant is required. Apple Pay may also be used with "In-app" payments on iOS. In this case, within an iOS application, a consumer can use Apple Pay as a payment source.


In the past, Apple Pay was not supported on eCommerce websites accessed via a browser. Apple Pay on the web is a solution that provides access to Apple Pay as a payment method from eCommerce websites. It is supported from the Safari browser only on iOS devices and Apple MacOS devices.