eProtect for Apple Pay in-app

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This is work-in-process document being actively revised


Merchant must use Vantiv Mobile API and pass to eProtect the Apple Pay generated PKPaymentToken for Vantiv to decrypt.  The merchant iOS app, or the merchant server must post over HTTPS the PKPaymentToken and will receive a LVT in return.  The LVT may be used to create the AUTH request.


Internal checklist

  • OmniToken set-up is required for eProtect
  • The same eProtect account / credentials created for eCommerce will work for Apple Pay
  • ISV/App must be registered with Apple
  • Private key generated by Apple must be securely transmitted and loaded into correct eProtect account (contact: Joe Canning, Melissa Green, or Denisse Lopez)
  • ISV must determine if the App, or their server will integrate to eProtect in order to vault the Apple Pay payment data, and get a LVT in return
  • ISV must integrate and certify with eProtect for Apple Pay



Apple Pay - Auth Txn Flow (PayPage-Vantiv Decrypt) (1): This shows the flow where the iOS app uses the eProtect Server.  The developer may also pass the PKPaymentToken to their server, and have the server make the HTTPS call to the eProtect server.  Needs to be updated to show eProtect language, and also to show merchant server handling of the PKPaymentToken


Vantiv_eCommerce_Apple_Pay_FAQ: General overview.  Needs to be updated.


Vantiv_eCommerce_Apple_Pay_Solution_V1.1: (see page 8 for Vantiv Mobile API reference): Merchants wishing to allow Apple Pay transactions from their native iOS mobile applications will have to build the capability to make secure purchases using Apple Pay into their mobile application. This document provides an overview of the operation of Apple Pay on an iPhone 6 along with the several methods you can use to submit Apple Pay purchases to the Vantiv eCommerce platform.


Vantiv_Enterprise_eProtect_Integration_Guide_V1.10: Same document as provided in the eProtect eCommerce integration guide

!!  Construct your HTTPS POST as detailed in the Vantiv PayPage Integration Guide using the components listed in the Table below.

Does this need to be updated to include Apple Pay Mobile API?

This is not found in the eProtect Integration Guide!!