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Please note - this is work in process documentation actively being edited


Internal checklist

  • ISV must choose type of OmniToken format
  • Core EWS must create Roll Up Id (contact: Brant Peterson)
  • IP CRM must update merchant account with Roll Up Id (contact: Hillary Dosch)
  • ISV must be set up for tokenization so that transactions go through MEWS



Vantiv_OmniToken_Generation_and_Format_V1.1: This document describes the Vantiv OmniToken tokenization solution, and the attributes related to the structure of the token format which includes the form and length of the token value, as well as the token format options supported for merchant implementations. The document is intended to assist merchants in evaluating the various token formats and to determine which format is best suited for their implementation.

Tokenizing the Network Token: This is a disclosure document for merchants that are interested in subscribing to both Apple Pay and Vantiv eCom tokenization solutions (Vault and PayPage). The following document outlines what values Vantiv will initially tokenize for Phase I, the benefits for doing so, and what added benefits and changes they will receive in Phase II.


Needs to be updated to be inclusive of Android Pay, needs to update timelines for Phase II