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Guidelines for Contactless Acceptance for Mercury Developers

Mobile wallets allow consumers to securely add supported credit or debit cards to their phone's wallet application and then to use this stored card information for contactless purchases at participating retail locations. To accept contactless payments, retail locations need a Point of Sale (POS) system that has implemented a Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled peripheral.

  • Use the information below to build a contactless credit transaction and confirm the mobile wallet is communicating correctly with your NFC-enabled device. These guidelines will help you add and test contactless functionality without the need to authorize your credit card.

Because mobile wallets are designed for live merchant environments, additional testing to confirm production processing prior to general release is always a good idea. The Developer Integrations team is standing by to assist with questions, options for additional tests and to certify your results.


Considerations to have in place before you begin

Technical prerequisites

  • An integrated NFC-enabled device that communicates with the payment application. Many peripherals and stand-alone terminals are capable of NFC technology. Contact device manufacturers for details on enabling NFC/Contactless. With NFC enabled, address compliance concerns with your Qualified Security Assessor.
  • Configuration in your POS to build a contactless transaction using AccountSource of Contactless.

Apple Pay prerequisites

  • An Apple Pay iPhone 6 or compatible equivalent iPhone/Apple Watch.
  • A preloaded Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card on the phone's Passbook application. Details available at:
  • The data passed from Apple Pay through the NFC device is a secure "form-preserved" card brand generated token. Mercury Test Cards cannot be used with Apple Pay.


Step 1: Build the Contactless Transaction

In your XML request you will need to add <AccountSource>Contactless</AccountSource> in the data field. Do this for all transaction originating from a NFC tap.


<Account> <AccountSource>Contactless</AccountSource> <Track2>Encrypted_Form-Preserved_Token</Track2> <!--Parse actual Encrypted Form-Preserved Token--> </Account>


Or, if sending the transaction on a Mercury supported E2E device, simply add  <AccountSource>Contactless</AccountSource> to your existing tag:


<Account><EncryptedFormat>MagnaSafe</EncryptedFormat> <AccountSource>Contactless</AccountSource> <EncryptedBlock>Encrypted_Form-Preserved_Token</EncryptedBlock> <!--Parse actual Encrypted Form-Preserved Token--> <EncryptedKey>2111101123456789</EncryptedKey>  </Account>


Step 2: Send a Contactless Transaction to the Mercury Test Servers
Select the Test MerchantID (MID) and Server that fits your POS configuration:
Test MerchantID337234001No Encryption or Tokenization
337234003Tokenization Enabled
337234004Encryption Enabled
337234005Encryption and Token Enabled
When processing to our Web Services use the password xyz
Test Serverx1.mercurycert.netDatacap/ActiveX integrations
w1.mercurycert. net/ws/ws.asmxWeb Services Integrations


Only supported live credit or debit cards can be loaded on the mobile wallets, the use of Mercury test cards is not supported. However, using Mercury's test servers will allow you to build and send a contactless transaction without actually authorizing the card.

Required OperatorID = Test is required to receive an Approved response. Otherwise, the expected response will be “No Live Cards on Test Merchant ID Allowed.”

Note For testing subsequent Apple Pay initiated transactions such as PreAuthCapture, VoidSale or Reversal, Mercury's MToken is fully compatible for follow-up transactions.

Transaction Reporting

During your testing all transactions can be viewed at Mercury View

Username: NFC Test

Password: Mercury1


NFC integration options

1. Datacap System Inc. dsiPDCXThe DataCap dsiPDCX supports multiple devices with NFC enabled including the VeriFone Vx805, Equinox L5300, VIVOpay 4500M, and UIC PP795SE. The PDCX handles all device communication and builds the 'Contactless' AccountSource.

2. Direct integration to a contactless supported peripheralWork with device manufacturers’ SDK for direct device integration to a PINpad that supports NFC.

3. Integrate Directly to a Contactless ReaderWork with the device manufacturer for direct integration to a contactless reader that supports NFC. IDTech VIVOpay is an example.

4. Stand-Alone Terminal with NFC enabledFor example, the VeriFone Vx520TM , PAX S80/S90

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