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This document contains information on the processing of Visa/MasterCard/Amex Commercial Card Level II and III detail.


Recommended Level II details may include some or all of the following fields, depending on payment brand and authorization network: SalesTaxAmount, CommercialCardCustomerCode, ShippingZipcode, TicketNumber, and BillingName.

    • To prevent confusion, we would recommend submitting all Level II detail items above for each card type (as opposed to sending data specific to Visa, MasterCard, or Amex).
    • Level II details may be submitted on any transaction request such as the following: CreditCardSale, CreditCardAuthorization, CreditCardAuthorizationCompletion, CreditCardForce.  Level II data can also be submitted on CreditCardCredit or CreditCardReturn requests, but may be ignored.

To help qualify for the lowest interchange rates on commercial cards, we recommend that Level II transactions include the following:

  • SalesTaxAmount (valid SalesTaxAmount must be greater than 0.1% of the sale amount, as tax-exempt transactions do not qualify for Level II interchange rates)
  • CommercialCardCustomerCode (such as a PO Number)
  • ShippingZipcode
  • TicketNumber
  • BillingName


If Level III Line Item Detail is supported, please refer to the Level III overview documentation to include the following Enhanced and Line Item Detail:

  • SalesTaxAmount (both valid SalesTaxAmount and tax-exempt transactions using 0.00 SalesTaxAmount can qualify for Level III interchange rates)
  • CommercialCardCustomerCode
  • ShippingZipcode
  • TicketNumber
  • BillingName
  • Level III Enhanced Data (using XML only)
  • Level III Line Item Detail (using XML only)
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