StoreCard Error Messages - MercuryPay

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The error messages and descriptions below apply to all StoreCard integrations on the MercuryPay interface.


Error message


Gift Set Up


This merchant ID was not found in our database

MerchantIDnot found

The merchant ID entered is not valid

Merchant Not Accepting Gift

This merchant ID is not setup for gift

InvalidTranTypefor Prepaid Server

The transaction type entered is not valid for gift


The transaction code entered is not valid for gift

Database Insertion Error

Can't insert into our database


Invalid Account Number

Account number not in Merchant's range

Account Not Issued

Card has not been issued, or has been de-activated withVoidIssue.

Missing Invoice Field

There was no invoice number given

Amount Field Error

Incorrect amount entered

Non Numeric Account

Account number provided is not numeric

Account Already Issued

Gift Card has already been issued

Issuance Not Authorized

Didn’t find the card in the merchant's range or exceed max amount allowed to issue

Not a GIFTAccountType

Wrong issuing range type

Mag Stripe Error - Hand Key

Card did not swipe—please key in the card number

Amount Exceeds Maximum

Exceeds the maximum amount that the gift card can be issued for

Amount Cannot Be Zero

There must be an amount higher than Zero

Could not Issue

Card cannot be issued


Account has not met the Effective Date

The card's start date has not been reached

Account Deactivated

The gift card account has been deactivated and is no longer allowing transactions

Return Not Allowed

Returns are not allowed on this card

Duplicate Transaction

There has already been a return issued for this invoice number, card number and amount

Number of Returns on Card over Limit

The maximum amount of returns on the card has been met


Account on Hold

The gift card is on hold, no transactions are allowed on this card

Account Expired

The gift card account has expired

Insufficient Account Balance

There are not enough funds on this account

Bad Reference Number

The reference number supplied is not valid

No Account Match no account for this merchant

The card number is not in the valid range for this merchant

No Amount Match


VoidRefNonot found

No transaction to void was found

Void Last Transaction First

Not the last transaction

Please useVoidIssue

A void cannot void an issue, please use theVoidIssuetransactions type

Declined - Insert Error

Can’t insert into database


Account In Use

Too many transactions already on card to void issue

Could notVoidIssue

Unable to completeVoidIssuetransaction