Worldpay eComm Certification and Testing Environment Info v2.2

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Worldpay eComm Certification and Testing Environment Info discusses the various testing environments, their uses, and limitations for card-not-present merchants. In an effort to provide a more robust certification and testing environment for our merchants, we have separate environments optimized for different uses. They are as follows:


The Pre-Live test environment is the platform used for all merchant Certification testing by both newly on-boarding merchants (for example, coding a direct cnpAPI integration for the first time), and existing merchants seeking to incorporate additional features or functionalities into their current cnpAPI integrations.


The Sandbox environment is a stateless simulator that provides a basic interface for functional level testing of transaction messages. Merchants using one of the available Software Development Kits (SDKs) would use the Sandbox to test basic functionality, but it could also be used by any merchant using cnpAPI.


All certification tests are detailed in the Vantiv cnpAPI Reference Guide or other documentation.  A PDF download of this guide is found at the bottom of the page.