Voiding a Funding Instruction

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You can use the Funding Instruction Void transaction type to void/remove a designated instruction from a submitted batch of instructions provided the following conditions are met:

  •   You are coding to XML V10.1 or above.
  •   The Funding Instruction Void transaction is submitted prior to your cutoff time.
  •   The funding instruction you wish to void must be in a Funding Instruction Batch submitted the same day as the void. This rule also applies to weekends.


Example: Funding Instruction Void Request


<litleRequest version="10.1" xmlns="
" numBatchRequests = "1">

     <batchRequest merchantId="PayFacMerch02" numFundingInstructionVoid="1">
          <fundingInstructionVoid reportGroup="void" id="1">


Funding Instruction Void Response


<litleResponse version="10.1" xmlns="
response="0" message="Valid Format" litleSessionId="82828656962027535">

     <batchResponse litleBatchId="82828656962027543" merchantId="PayFacMerch02">
          <fundingInstructionVoidResponse id="1" reportGroup="void">
               <message>Transaction Received</message>


Additional details about how developers can use PayFac® Dynamic Payout facilities are available to Worldpay ONE members in Appendix D to theVantiv LitleXML Reference Guide 9.10 v1.20LitleXML reference guide.