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PayPal is an alternative payment option optimized for Internet merchants that can be offered to customers during the order process. At checkout, customers authenticate themselves with PayPal using their PayPal login and password, review the order details on PayPal, and confirm the order. Upon order confirmation, the customer is brought back to your site, and you can then authorize and capture the transaction directly with Vantiv (similar to credit card Authorization and Capture transactions).

Vantiv supports PayPal transactions using either batch or online processing. The following transaction types are supported:


  • Authorization
  • Authorization Reversal
  • Sale
  • Credit (for Vantiv-processed transactions)
  • Capture
  • Void (online only)


An authorization transaction example that specifies PayPal as a payment source is shown below. The developer needs to pass the PayPal customer identifier as well as the Token and Transaction ID provided by PayPal.


<authorization id="Authorization Id" reportGroup="UI Report Group" customerId="Customer Id">
     <orderId>Order Id</orderId>
     <amount>Authorization Amount</amount>
          <payerId>PayPal Customer Identifier</payerId>
          <token>Token Value Returned</token>
          <transactionId>PayPal Transaction ID</transactionId>



For additional information please refer to the Vantiv eCommerce PayPal Integration Guide .


For additional information please refer to the Vantiv LitleXML Reference Guide


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