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While Vantiv already offers fraud detection tools in the form of a variety of Fraud Filters, we have entered into a partnership with ThreatMetrix™, one of the leading fraud prevention services, to provide developers and merchants with additional options. ThreatMetrix allows developers to augment fraud filters with additional ThreatMetrix fraud detection features. Taking advantage of this feature requires minor modifications to the HTML code that comprises your web page. You then process payment transactions as you would normally.


The XML fragment below shows additional fraud results that are returned with payment transactions. The Advanced Fraud Toolkit allows developers to look at dozens of conditions that may be indicators of fraud and score conditions appropriately.


     <deviceReviewStatus>pass, fail, review, etc.</deviceReviewStatus>
     <deviceReputationScore>Score Returned from ThreatMetrix</deviceReputationScore>
     <triggeredRule>AnonymousProxy </triggeredRule>


In this example, a transaction triggers two rules that may indicate fraud:


  • Three or more devices have been used to submit transactions with this email address in the previous 24 hours. This may be an indicator of misuse.
  • This transaction was submitted through an anonymous web proxy, a method that is sometimes employed when trying to cloak one's identity.


To learn more about the Advanced Fraud Toolkit, consult the Vantiv eCommerce Advanced Fraud Documentation.


You can also view a listing of Advanced Fraud Triggered Rules.

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