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Vantiv offers a comprehensive suite of Fraud Filters for your use as part of an overall fraud prevention and mitigation strategy. You can apply each of the filters individually or in combinations by defining Filtering Rules. As part of the rule definition, you can define the application of the rules based upon MID (Merchant ID), Report Group, Billing Descriptor, or Order Source. Currently, the standard Fraud Toolkit offers seven types of card filtering services that may aid you in detecting and reducing certain types of fraud:


  • Prepaid Card Filtering - Enables filtering of prepaid cards. Generally used to prevent acceptance of prepaid cards for recurring payments.
  • International Filtering - Filters MasterCard and Visa transactions originating with cards issued in either all foreign countries (i.e. non-US issuers) or specific foreign countries.
  • Prior Chargeback Filtering - Filters transactions based either upon the receipt of any chargeback by the merchant from the same account within the last 90 days, or only the subset of chargebacks tagged as fraud chargeback (i.e., chargeback code is fraud related).
  • Security Code No-Match Filtering - Enables transaction filtering based upon a failure to match the Security Code (CVV2/CVC2/CID) submitted with the transaction. This filter applies to MasterCard, Visa, and Discover Card transactions. American Express declines the transaction if it fails the Security Code check.
  • Fraud Velocity Filtering - Enables decline of Auths/Sales once a threshold number of approved Auths/Sales occur within a preset time period for a particular card.
  • Prior Fraud Advice Filtering - Enables filtering of Visa and MasterCard transactions based upon the receipt a Fraud Advice record for the account within the previous 200 days.
  • AVS Filtering - Filters transactions based upon failure to match either the address or the zip code individually, or address and zip code combined


To learn more about Fraud Filtering Services, consult the Vantiv eCommerce Fraud Filtering Services Guide.

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