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You can update the several items associated with a Legal Entity. To update information associated with a Legal Entity, you submit a legalEntityUpdateRequest message with the appropriate legalEntityId and the updated information.


You can update the following items:

  •   streetAddress1 (entity and/or principal)
  •   streetAddress2 (entity and/or principal)
  •   city (entity and/or principal)
  •   stateProvince (entity and/or principal)
  •   postalCode (entity and/or principal)
  •   doingBusinessAs
  •   annualCreditCardSalesVolume
  •   hasAcceptedCreditCards
  •   contactPhone (entity and/or principal)
  •   title (principal)
  •   emailAddress (principal)
  •   firstName (principal)
  •   lastName (principal)
  •   ssn (principal)
  •   dateOfBirth (principal)
  •   driversLicense (principal)
  •   driversLicenseState (principal)
  •   legalEntityName
  •   legalEntityType
  •   taxId
  •   yearsInBusiness


HTTP method




Request format


Response format


Rate limited



PUT parameters



Required or Optional




The Id of the Legal Entity


Example: Update Legal Entity Request


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
     <legalEntityUpdateRequest xmlns="http://psp.litle.com/api/merchant/onboard">
               <streetAddress1>LE Street Address 1</streetAddress1>
               <streetAddress2>LE Street Address 2</streetAddress2>
               <city>LE City</city>
          <doingBusinessAs>Other Name Co.</doingBusinessAs>
                    <streetAddress1>p street address 1</streetAddress1>
                    <streetAddress2>p street address 2</streetAddress2>
                    <firstName>p first</firstName>
                    <lastName>p last</lastName>
               <legalEntityName>Company Name</legalEntityName>
               <legalEntityType>LE Type Enum</legalEntityType>



Update Legal Entity Response


The system replies to an Update Legal Entity request with a generic response message. The structure of the response message is as follows:


     <legalEntityId> (appears if first request of dupe with all matching data)
     <originalLegalEntity> (appears if dupe)
     <backgroundCheckResults> (appears if background check triggered by update)


See Status codes and error messages


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