Point of sale transactions

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While the Vantiv eCommerce platform is optimized for card not present (CNP) transactions, it can support some types of card present transactions as well. This capability is useful for merchants that may want to add additional channels such as unattended kiosks while dealing with a single programming interface, merchant account and payment provider.


This includes transactions initiated via point of sale (POS) devices, as well as Cardholder Activated Terminal (CAT) devices typically used at gas stations, parking garages etc. When submitting a POS transaction, in addition to submitting the track data from the card, you must also include the pos element and its child elements. The capability, entryMode, and cardholderId elements are required for all POS transactions. The terminalId element is required for MasterCard transactions and optional for all other card types. You should include the catLevel element only if the transaction originates from a CAT device, in which case the element is required. CAT devices commonly have associated levels as shown:


  • Automated Dispensing Machines - Level 1.
  • Self-Service Terminals - Level 2.
  • Limited Amount Terminals - Level 3.
  • In-Flight Commerce (IFC) Terminals - Level 4.


An example of a transaction including the POS data elements is shown below:


     <capability>Capability Enumeration</capability>
     <entryMode>Entry Mode Enumeration</entryMode>
     <cardholderId>Cardholder ID Enumeration</cardholderId>
     <catLevel>Capability of CAT Terminal</catLevel>


More detailed is provided the LitleXML Reference Guide.


Developers looking for more full featured APIs for point of sale systems will want to review Vantiv point of sale solutions for developers.


You can learn more about Vantiv’s eCommerce platform features.

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