Vantiv PayFac API

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Vantiv’s PayFac API is an XML based, RESTful API that allows developers to create and update Legal Entities and Sub-merchants, as well as retrieve information about existing Legal Entities and Sub-merchants in near real-time.


Additionally, developers can use the API to disable Sub-merchants should the need arise.


Before you can begin processing payment transactions for a Sub-merchant, you must first create the Legal Entity. A Legal Entity describes the parent of one or more Sub-merchants. After the successful creation of a Legal Entity, you create Sub-merchants under that Legal Entity.


The PayFac API should not be confused with Vantiv’s APIs for processing payment transactions. Developers will need to process transactions using XML or the SDK as they normally would. The PayFac API is only used to manage legal entitles and sub-merchants.


When you use the PayFac API to create a Legal Entity and/or a Sub-merchant, the system performs a series of background checks. The extent and type of check performed depend upon your needs and contract. There are three levels of service available: Basic, Premium, and Premium Plus. You can learn more about the legal entity acceptance flow for each of these service levels by consulting the PayFac API Reference Guide.

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