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For business-to-business transactions involving purchasing cards, you can obtain better interchange rates by including additional data with the transaction. This data is referred to as Level 2 or Level 3 data. You can include this data in any of the following transaction types:


  • Authorization
  • Capture
  • Capture Given Auth
  • Credit
  • Sale


When additional data is provided, Vantiv attempts to qualify your transactions for the optimal interchange rate.

Vantiv provides optional enhancedData tags in LitleXML that a developer can use to express the availability of this additional information. Enhanced data tags are simply added as children of the payment transaction (Authorization, Capture etc).


Sample XML that provides enhanced data along with a payment transaction is shown below. Additional fields are available, and enhanced data fields depend on the card used.


     <customerReference>Customer Reference</customerReference>
     <salesTax>Amount of Sales Tax Included in Transaction</salesTax> <deliveryType>TBD</deliveryType>
     <taxExempt>true or false</taxExempt>
     <discountAmount>Discount Amount Applied to Order</discountAmount> <shippingAmount>Amount to Transport      Order</shippingAmount>
     <dutyAmount>Duty on Total Purchase Amount</dutyAmount>
     <shipFromPostalCode>Ship from Postal Code</shipFromPostalCode>


The Vantiv eCommerce API supports the standard set of Level 2 and Level 3 data required for both Visa and MasterCard. While use of this feature is optional, merchants accepting corporate cards or fleet cards will generally want to make use of this data for better interchange rates.


More detailed is provided the Vantiv eCommerce Reference Guide .


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