Managing Sub-merchants

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Worldpay provides two methods for provisioning and managing legal entitles and sub-merchants on the Worldpay eCommerce Platform:


  • The Worldpay PayFac® Portal
  • The Worldpay PayFac API


The PayFac Portal is a user interface based on the Worldpay iQ Reporting and Analytics framework that allows Payment Facilitators to easily add, edit, view, and search for legal entities, and sub-merchants. The PayFac Portal is designed to create sub-merchants on a one-by-one basis. Worldpay recommends using the PayFac API to create large numbers of sub-merchants. The Portal itself uses the Worldpay PayFac API to add and manage legal entities and sub-merchants.


Information tracked about sub-merchants in the portal (or accessible via the API) includes but is not limited to:


  • Merchant name
  • Contact and location information
  • Merchant category codes and billing descriptors
  • Business URL
  • Card brand merchant IDs
  • Bank account details
  • Legal entity details (for background checks)
  • Associated fee structures


The PayFac API is an XML based, RESTful API that is associated with Worldpay’s eCommerce platform. The API can be used by developers to create and update legal entitles and sub-merchants as well as retrieve information about legal entities and sub-merchants in near real time. It can also be used to delete sub-merchants should the need arise.


You can learn more about Worldpay’s PayFac API and review code examples here.



Vantiv ONE Members can review the Vantiv PayFac API Reference Guide for additional information.


A summary of the PayFAC API methods are provided below:


POST /legalentityRequest to create a new Legal entity
PUT /legalentity/legalEntityId

Request to update data associated with the

designated Legal entity

GET /legalentity/legalEntityId

Request for information and/or status of the designated Legal entity.

Typically used to check status of a Legal entity in Manual Review.

PUT /legalentity/legalEntityId/principal/principalIdRequest to update data associated with the principal.
POST /legalentity/legalEntityId/sub-merchant

Request to create a Sub-merchant associated with the

designated Legal entity

PUT /legalentity/legalEntityId/sub-merchant/submerchantId

Request to update data associated with the designated Sub-merchant

GET /legalentity/legalEntityId/sub-merchant/submerchantId

Request to retrieve information about the designated Sub-merchant

GET /mcc

Returns the list of merchant category codes that are currently approved for the Payment Facilitator


Learn about funding sub-merchants.

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