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Depending on their industry, developers can have unique payment requirements.


Vantiv’s enterprise payment platform supports value-added features for several industry verticals. While not a complete list, examples of industry specific features are listed here.


  • Retail – MarketCodes and other functions required by major retailers including TerminalIDs, terminal capability codes, clerk numbers, shift IDs and more.
  • Restaurant, QSR – allowable excess limits after authorization for tips, appropriate MarketCodes for food restaurants, quick-serve restaurants etc.
  • MOTO (mail order / telephone order) – MOTO EIC (Electronic Indicator Code), ticket numbers, and other parameters required by card brands for MOTO
  • eCommerce – enumerated types required for different types of eCommerce transactions and features for securely capturing card data from a web-site or mobile application
  • Healthcare – enumerations for different health care account types, and payment amount types such as transit, copayments, prescription, vision, dental and more
  • Fuel – terminal types for fuel pumps and environment codes supporting local or remote, attended or unattended fuel pumps as well as other extensions required for fuel sales
  • Lodging – includes a variety of payment features specific to lodging including program codes, lodging related charge types (restaurants or gift shops), advanced deposit, no show indicators, agreement numbers, check-in and check-out dates, room tax indicators and extensions like Visa’s prestigious property program
  • Auto rental – extensions for the auto industry including rental agreement numbers, pickup and drop off location, vehicle class rented, distance traveled, adjustments for mileage, fuel, damage etc.


How industry extensions are implemented depends on the integration method.


Enterprise merchants working with Vantiv on direct ISO 8583 integrations will have access to all of the industry extensions above and more.


Contact a Vantiv integration consultant for details about any of these vertical extensions.


For eCommerce, MOTO and some retail requirements or unattended kiosk requirements, developers may be able to meet application requirements using only Vantiv’s eCommerce integration methods but for applications with strong card present requirements (like Fuel, Lodging and Retail) developers will probably want to consider a direct ISO integration, use Vantiv’s Express gateway.


Express exposes functionality for most of the industry applications above except Fuel purchases involving fleet cards.


Vantiv O.N.E. members can download the Express API XML specification here. Developers can learn more about Express and other point of sale integration options in Point of sale solutions.


If you are unsure what features you need for the industry you are supporting, or what integration method is best, contact us and one of our integration consultants would be happy to help.


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