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In addition to Express, Vantiv Integrated Payments offers a highly scalable processing platform, MercuryPay, which is also built around a comprehensive and secure semi-integrated payment portfolio, Vantiv Integration Suite for MercuryPay. Here you will find the toolkits developers need to build in-store, eCommerce and mobile applications designed for a variety of payment types and verticals. Vantiv O.N.E. provides access to products and services available through the MercuryPay processing platform that are built on industry standards and are available for testing in an integrated sandbox, using production test simulators.



What is MercuryPay


The MercuryPay Integration Suite is a set of integration methods and services that help you extend your application to access the MercuryPay processing platform. You can choose the integration approach that best fits your requirements based on your type of business, target markets, preferred integration method, security requirements, and preferred operating system. It includes a comprehensive suite of integration capabilities to help reduce the scope of PA-DSS compliance for payments and EMV card brand certifications.



MercuryPay Supports




Payment Middleware Solutions


dsiEMVUS with dsiPDCX

Packaging the dsiPDCX with the dsiEMVUS provides your merchants with feature packed payments that are more secure with tokenization and end-to-end encryption. This approach also means the application is out of scope of PA-DSS. Developers using this solution can add hardware and features with little or no additional work. They can offer their merchants EMV support for both contact and contactless transactions. Accept all traditional payment methods like credit, PIN debit, EBT, FSA, and more with the dsiPDCX.



The optimal solution for EMV-ready payments. It provides a unique payment and hardware hub that is constantly evolving to fit the needs of virtually any point-of-sale (POS) provider.  The TranCloud solution is designed for tablet and browser-based applications that use HTTP POST in either XML or JSON format. Software developers needing a simple to integrate, easy to install EMV certified payments solution will find TranCloud combines the reliability of Datacap Systems and the platform performance of MercuryPay.


A hosted solution that supports manual transactions for ecommerce. HostedCheckout does not replace the checkout process entirely, just the handling of sensitive credit card data. At the point of purchase—a merchant’s website, mobile device, or via a POS system—online payment transactions are seamlessly handled by the Vantiv Integrated Payments-hosted payment page.



Create a Test Account


Vantiv Integrated Payments has a set of production-simulated accounts for you to code, test, and certify your integration to the MercuryPay Processing Platform.


Depending on the type of integration and your coding preferences, you can use these credentials to test against any of products available from the Vantiv Integration Suite for MercuryPay. Below is the necessary information you will need to begin testing.


Developers should contact to request test cards and test equipment.


  1. Configure the test server addresses that corresponds to your integration method.
  1. Select a test MerchantID that corresponds to your supported functionality. MerchantIDs are configured with specific processing functionality: E2E, Tokenization, both E2E and Tokenization or neither.  EMV transactions require E2E at a minimum.



Certification Network Server Addresses




Testing and Certification Use

dsiPDCX and dsiEMVUS;

DSI-ActiveX credit, debit, EBT, FSA certification servers(EMV Enabled)


An always-on server simulating Stand-In (Pending availability)


VantivStoreCardservers. Port 9100 must be specified—currently redirects to

Web Services

SOAPCredit and Gift; WSDL at


RESTful Credit and Gift transactions



Test Merchant IDs


Enabled for



P2P Encryption



Use and Functionality





Credit, Debit, EBT, FSA, Gift standard functionality




Credit, Debit, EBT, FSA, Gift P2P




Credit, Debit, EBT, FSA, Gift Token



Credit, Debit, EBT, FSA, Gift EMV, P2P and Token



Credit, Debit, EBT, FSA, Gift EMV, P2P and Token



Credit, Debit, EBT, FSA, Gift EMV, P2P and Token



Credit, Debit, EBT, FSA, Gift EMV, P2P and Token

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