XML Authorization transaction

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The Authorization transaction enables you to confirm that customers have submitted a valid payment method with their order and has sufficient funds to purchase the goods or services they ordered.

The lifespan of an authorization varies according to the payment type being used. During the lifespan, you can use a valid authorization multiple times as needed.


To submit an AVS Only request, submit an Authorization request with the <amount> element set to 000. The response is identical to an Authorization response message


The example below shows a batch request with a single card-not-present Authorization request. If the batch included additional Authorization requests, each would have its own <authorization> element with all applicable attributes and child elements. Also, the numAuths attribute of the <batchRequest> element would increment for each additional <authorization> element and the authAmount attribute would increase by the new amounts from each authorization.


<cnpRequest version="12.0" xmlns="http://www.vantivcnp.com/schema" numBatchRequests="1">
    <batchRequest numAuths="1" authAmount="2500" merchantId="000902">
        <authorization id="test1" reportGroup="core" customerId="test1">
                <name>John Doe</name>
                <addressLine1>15 Main Street</addressLine1>
                <city>San Jose</city>
                <name>Jane Doe</name>
                <addressLine1>15 Main Street</addressLine1>
                <city>San Jose</city>



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For additional information, consult the LitleXML reference guide.