Worldpay Chargeback API Reference Guide APIv2.2, v3.5

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The Worldpay Chargeback API Reference Guide provides information on retrieving information and taking action on chargeback cases, as well as uploading supporting documentation. The two Chargeback APIs described in this guide are modeled as a RESTful (Representational State Transfer) interfaces and are as follows:

  •  The Chargeback Management API allows automated retrieval and update of cases, including Retrieval Requests, First Chargebacks, and Arbitration Chargebacks. You can retrieve individual chargeback case information for a particular day, as well as take action on a case, assign a case to a chargeback analyst, and/or attach notes to a case.
  • The Chargeback Documentation API allows you to programmatically manage the submission of chargeback-related documents. Only users with a complete understanding of HTTP methods (i.e., GET for Retrieves/Reads, PUT for Updates, POST for Creates, and DELETE for Deletes) should make use of the Web Services described in this part of the guide.


A PDF download of this guide is available at the bottom of the page.