Choosing the Right US eCommerce Payment Integration Method

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How to Choose an eCommerce Integration

The payment integration methods described here apply to Vantiv’s eCommerce platform and is used mainly for (CNP) card-not-present eCommerce transactions including web-based sales, or payments collected from a mobile-device user visiting a website or providing payment from within an application (in-app payments).


If you are a large merchant and have card-present requirements, please view our Enterprise merchant resources.

If you are a developer building point of sale applications, view our Point of Sale developer resources.

Worldpay provides different integration methods depending on the needs of the developer and the type of business they are supporting. In some cases, an integration may involve using multiple integration methods as part of the same application.


If you have these requirements ...Consider this integration method ...
  • I prefer to code to a language-specific SDK that abstracts the JSON or XML
  • I don’t mind spending a little more time with assistance from Vantiv certifying my application
  • I’m happy to rely on Vantiv’s SDKs and  re-distribute them if needed with my application
  • I may need to use advanced features or hand-code XML in places but prefer to use a simpler SDK where possible
  • I’m building an application for a payment facilitator and would like to use an SDK to process payment transactions

Vantiv’s eCommerce SDKs with assistance from a Vantiv integration consultant. SDKs are available for:

  • PHP
  • Java
  • .NET
  • Python
  • Ruby


The Sandbox does not require an account. Users can use dummy credentials to get started. It is not downloadable or available to distribute as it is hosted on a private repository.


On the other hand, pre-live does require account creation which can be created with Implementation help. This account is required to perform a certification test.

  • I’m comfortable coding directly to XML and parsing XML responses from the server to get exactly the functionality I need
  • In addition to on-line processing, I need to flexibility to submit and process payments in batch (suitable for high-volume processors)
  • I’ll be building an application for a payment facilitator and need features like dynamic payout (only offered in batch)
  • I need to use Vantiv’s XML-based API for managing sub-merchants

Direct XML Integrations to Vantiv’s eCommerce endpoints based on the eCommerce cpnAPI specification.


The Sandbox does not require credentials, but it only supports online transactions.  For the testing of batches, developers will have to test in a pre-live environment, which does require credentials.


Dynamic payout is also offered in an online format.

  • I’m not a developer. I’m looking for an off-the-shelf shopping cart or application already integrated with Vantiv’s eCommerce platform

Consider Shopping carts or partner applications.

  • I have complex requirements involving both card not present and card present requirements. I would like customers to have a common payment identify in the store, on-line and on their mobile devices

Consider speaking directly to an Enterprise payments consultant.


Many customers use multiple Vantiv APIs for OmniCommerce applications to get the functionality they need for their business.

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