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A CreditCardForce transaction is used to add a credit card transaction to a batch after-the-fact.

Generally, Force transactions are used to insert previously authorized, but not captured transactions. A Force transaction might be used under the following circumstances:

  1. Timeout – if the merchant is unable to perform an online transaction
  2. Referral – if the merchant receives an on-line referral message in response to an online transaction (i.e. Call ND, Call AR, etc).
  3. AI Reponses – The AI (Approved with positive ID) usually results from a person using a card for the first time

A sample CreditCardForce transaction is shown below:


<CreditCardForce xmlns="">
        <AccountID>INSERT HERE</AccountID>
        <AccountToken>INSERT HERE</AccountToken>
        <AcceptorID>INSERT HERE</AcceptorID>
        <ApplicationID>INSERT HERE</ApplicationID>
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