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There are three types of CreditCardReversal transactions:


  1. Communications/System reversals – this type of reversal is generated when there is a transmission problem delivering the response back to the POS. It is the transaction requestor’s responsibility to generate a Reversal transaction for all transactions that do not receive a response.
  2. Full Reversals – A Point of Sale (POS) Generated Reversal or Full reversal may be initiated to remove an approved transaction from a batch, even when the cardholder is not present. Reversals however, must be done while the batch is open.
  3. Partial Reversals – A Partial Reversal transaction decreases the total authorization amount of a previously authorized transaction. Partial reversals are required by some card associations to bring the authorized and clearing amounts into specific tolerances.


An example of a POS generated / Full reversal is shown below. The value of “1” for the ReversalType tag indicates a full reversal.


<CreditCardReversal xmlns="">
        <AccountID>INSERT HERE</AccountID>
        <AccountToken>INSERT HERE</AccountToken>
        <AcceptorID>INSERT HERE</AcceptorID>
        <ApplicationID>INSERT HERE</ApplicationID>
        <ReversalType>1</ReversalType> <!--Reversal type of 1 for Full Reversal-->


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