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The Express API is a server-side web-service application where communication takes place over HTTPS links. Communication is handled via XML or SOAP depending on the preference of the developer. No distribution of source code or DLLs is required, and most devices that can originate an HTTPS connection can be programmed to process payments through Express.


The Express API can be used for Enterprise Integrations, and the same server-side API is also used for Express-based integrations for point of sale developers using Vantiv’s triPOS API.


 A number of attributes of the Express API make it an ideal choice for building OmniCommerce applications:


  • It is versatile, able to support a variety of payment types and use cases
  • It supports both card-present (CP) and card-not-present (CNP) transactions, an essential requirement for an Omnicommerce API
  • It imposes no client side requirements on the developer and allows them to use their choice of languages and frameworks
  • It supports a variety of advanced features including end-to-end encryption and tokenization
  • It can process against multiple processors including Vantiv, Global and TSYS meaning that developers can integrate once, and process on the payment platform that best suits their needs


Developers can easily create test accounts and receive full access to Vantiv’s interface specifications and certification process. With these tools, you’ll be ready to test the functionality of Express on any transaction method.


The Express API can be used in two different ways:


  • Developers or ISVs can use the API to connect directly to Worldpay, where Worldpay acts as the full-service merchant services provider. This results in a more seamless, secure, end-to-end payment processing experience for the merchant.
  • The Express API and underlying payment platforms can also operate in a gateway mode where Vantiv passes the transaction through to the merchant acquirer for processing. This means that merchants can keep their existing payment processor and merchant accounts while gaining the security and reliability benefits of Vantiv’s technology. With Express, there is no requirement to switch processors.


Express is language and platform independent and requires a simple one-time integration for processing and Gateway Cloud Services. As long as your software generates an XML or web services transaction request, it can process payments against Vantiv’s secure, scalable payment infrastructure.



When to use the Express API


Developers should consider the Express API when:


  • They need card present capabilities
  • They are comfortable coding and parsing XML transactions
  • They desire a simple API and wish to avoid coding to ISO specs
  • They need enterprise class security including tokenization and encryption features
  • They want the option to process payments against multiple payment providers
  • They need to support industry extensions supported by the Express API including direct marketing, auto-rental, healthcare and lodging


Developers can request an Express developers sandbox account and get started.


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