• I failed test payment. Please help meT_T

    I did payment on test using test cards. (use Host Payment by XML)   But, I returned AVS error, CVC error.  (country : New Zealand)   I just used test cards, why does this error occur?    ...
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  • PCI Validated Point-to-Point Encryption

    Worldpay helps payment integrators protect account data with point-to-point encryption (P2PE). By leveraging Express PCI-validated P2PE and  PCI PTS SRED certified hardware, payment applications are rem...
    Chris Jennings
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  • triPOS timeout issues

    Hi there, We are now integration with Vantiv through triPOS service and we are using the similar code as the suggestion from the doc here (Generate a triPOS Direct Request ).   We met some cases that the r...
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  • Worldpay Developers Go to Money20/20

    Next week, Money20/20 is putting on the best Fintech hackathon in the world, and Worldpay is sending 5 of our own to compete. The challenge: to design solutions for a simpler, fairer, and more  inclusive financia...
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  • eProtect Sample Code not working

    I am using the code example for eProtect iFrame solution from the eProtect API V2.1 Document Version: 6.0 . I am using the following sample details: <script src="https://request.eprotect.vantivprelive.com/eProtec...
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  • Getting Started: Introduce Yourself

    Welcome to the TechTribe! I’m Dani Perea, the community manager of Vantiv O.N.E.. Our goal here is to make your integration with Vantiv products successful by: Providing you with key information and resources ...
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  • Implementing eProtect to Secure Payments

    The Benefits of Integrating with Vantiv eProtect  Vantiv now Worldpay's eProtect is a solution to help secure payments by avoiding the need for applications to be exposed to sensitive cardholder data a...
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  • Recommended plugin to integrate Worldpay with WooCommerce?

    Hi, we're looking to integrate Worldpay into a Wordpress e-commerce site that uses Woo-Commerce on the back-end.  Do you have a recommended plugin for integrating Worldpay?  We have researched a few and want...
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  • What does CVV response code Y mean?

    We are using AMEX card with correct billing address, zipcode, credit card information. For AMEX card CVV is usually a 4 digit code on the front of the card and we used the same.    When we are using AMEX CV...
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  • CreditCardIncrementalAuthorization

    CreditCardIncrementalAuthorization transactions are used to authorize an additional amount to an original,  Auto Rental, Restaurant or Lodging industry authorization transaction. This method is used on the, World...
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  • Congrats to our Developer Survey winners!

      We randomly selected 3 winners from our Developer Survey participants. These lucky, lucky winners will receive a sweet $100 Amazon gift card!     Congrats to: ajohnstone frank jodi@vinbalanc...
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  • What is the end result if there are multiple PreAuthCaptureByRecordNo requests for a given record number?

    Is the latest record what books or how does this account?
  • Payment Transaction Response Codes Doc

    Integrating eComm API's with my internal ERP system and need to build XML file to map Worldpay Payment Transaction Response Codes to our ERP system codes.  Looking at table A-1 in the eComm cnpAPI Reference Guide...
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  • TriPOS text on MX 915

    I have seen this questions asked numerous times from research with still no solid answer on the matter.. Is there a way we can use a logo or image in place of the OEM triPOS text on the Verifone MX 915? We would like ...
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  • Hosted Checkout VerifyPayment failed

    We integrate with Mercury's Hosted Checkout system and are hoping for clarification on the statuses of payments. On the rare occasion, when we do a "VerifyPayment" call, there is an issue somewhere and our conne...
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  • Create LegalEntity request Call from Salesforce

    Hi,    I am trying to call "Create LegalEntity request " from salesforce and receiving an error as "Callout error: System.CalloutException: Unexpected end of file from server". When the same XML request...
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  • Worldpay TCMP Test Host Down?

    Hi,   Have there been any changes made to the Worldpay TCMP test host?  The servers appeared to have been down for weeks, and now we're seeing SSL handshake issues.  We have a live integration as well ...
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  • I need to use vantiv payments in magento 2

    Hello Team,   I  need to use vantiv payments in magento 2.1.8 - Enterprise edition. I try to installed the extension : Vantiv eCommerce - Magento Marketplace which shows component conflict depende...
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  • Worldpay ONE Recommended Read: Pour Your Heart Into It

      A conversation I had with the owner of a Worldpay ISV partner three months ago went something like this: ISV: “There’s this great salesperson I’ve known for years – he’s the kind...
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  • Interchange for Dummies

    A Primer on Card Processing Fees  For developers who have worked mostly with gateways, coding to a payment processor can be a different experience. The interfaces can feel a little more complicated, but it turns...
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