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  • Roadmap Idea: Improving developer docs

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    First off you guys are great. My contact always answers my questions promptly and seems to always have an answer. Incredible!   One thing that could reduce my need to bug him so frequently though would be better...
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    Hi,   Environment Windows 10 triPOS 5.14 using XML documents VeriFone VX805 payment terminal.   We are attempting to run the certification scripts for a triPOS retail payment integration.   Using ...
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  • How do we get an XML response from GET /api/v1/storedtransactions?

    Hi, As part of implementing support for automatic store-and-forward in triPOS PC, we need to interrogate the stored transactions to determine if they have been forwarded and what the final result was (approved or dec...
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  • VX805 / triPOS store and forward issue: unexpected response

    Hi,   Our triPOS integration is proceeding apace, but we have just seen a previously unencountered issue with the triPOS service and the VeriFone VX805.   What is our environment? Windows 10. VeriFone VX...
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    We want Vantiv O.N.E. to be the best community it can be, and we'd love your input. How have we been doing?   Let us know how we can make Vantiv O.N.E. better - whether that's the user experience, our documentati...
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  • Vantiv Integrated Payments Developer Testing Information:

    Vantiv Integrated Payments offers ISVs an always-on, easy-access test and certification network that simulates our production processing interfaces, MercuryPay and Express.  With rich API documentation, device op...
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  • triPOS Mobile Overview

    Vantiv's triPOS® Mobile SDK provides iOS applications with a rapid integration for EMV support, point-of-interaction device support, and the Express platform. triPOS does the heavy lifting for PCI DSS compliance ...
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  • How to integrate Vantiv iCMP in website?

    Hi I have already integrate vantiv hosted payment in website but now i want to do payments using iCMP device and integrate this in website as well. Can you please give me some useful doc. links to integrate iCMP?
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  • Express Interface API v2.8.8

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  • Install Requirements for triPOS Direct

    triPOS Direct Overview  triPOS removes payment applications from PA-DSS scope by avoiding the need to store or process cardholder data, which simplifies and helps reduce risk associated with payment acceptance. ...
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  • LitleOnline class theadsafety.

    Hi, I am checking out java sdk. is Java LitleOnline class thread safe to share among multiple thread and if it is, is there httpclient connection pooling configuration parameter available through properties?
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  • Create merchant account using API

    Hi Guys, I'm developing an app that requires creating a merchant account on Vantiv. I've looked through the documentation, check sdk's but all I could find are payment process examples. Is it possible to create a mer...
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  • How long i wait pre-live credentials?

    Hello. I tried to register at https://www.testvantivcnp.com/sandbox/  many times today but I did not response email yet. I’m not sure your system is working or not.       Why this happe...
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  • Identifying Fallbacks with POS Entry Mode?

    I am working on having our system identify fallback transactions. The Vantiv ISO 8583 Reference Guide V1.5 shows 2 POS Entry Mode values for fallbacks: 79 - "Fallback from Chip transactions when keying the ...
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  • Credit card authorization

    Hi, My company is planning to use iFrame Payment for credit card transaction. I was going through you api documentation but have some doubts or could not understand some part.   For my application we need to jus...
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  • vantiv

    Hello, my name is Oliver Leopold from ChoreBug. We are looking for a solution to pay our employee's bank account. Would vantiv be able to help with that? Thanks.
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  • Streamline Online Purchases with Visa Checkout

    When it comes to eCommerce, consumer behaviors are changing fast. Gone are the days when customers had the patience to key in details like payment cards, billing, and shipping addresses. Increasingly, consumers demand...
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  • Community Corner: What we're reading the week of Jan 10

    Here’s what we’re reading this week:   Community-submitted ideas for our roadmap Last year, we asked you for recommendations on making Vantiv ONE better and easier to use. We LOVE the feedback we go...
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  • eProtect iFrame ready detection

    Is there a way to detect if the iFrame is ready?( any function or callback) This can be useful in case iFrame loading up takes time due to  slower internet connections.
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