• Can an OmniToken be Deleted or Updated?

    Hi, I have the following questions regarding OmniTokens: Is there an API for deleting a previously received OmniToken?  Is there an API to update the credit card number associated with an existing OmniTok...
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  • What commands can you pass to this API method  /v1/lanes/{laneId}/command

    The documentation says that Command includes: reinitialize, which to reconfigure PIN pad. What does reinitialize do? What other commands can be passed to API method?  Can this method be used to reboot (PowerCycl...
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  • ExpressResponseMessage Invalid Merchant when issuing CreditCardSale

    Hi, I'm supporting an existing integration with the ElementExpress XML Api for an ecommerce  store. I'm trying to shift the point in our process in which we charge an already created payment account from our ERP ...
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  • Can WorldPay help us offer debit cards to our customers?

    Can WorldPay help us offer debit cards to our customers?   We will update the balance on the debit card (add or subtract), and let our customers transactions conduct transactions with merchants (specif...
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  • About cooperation with card payment application

    We need your help. We are customer of Worldpay merchants. This time, we're adding new tools and thinking about app integration. Please see attached. Could you help for what do we need? what should we do? can it be p...
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  • What's the Level3 LineItemCount for Amex?

    The WorldPay Express API documentation (page 19) says the limitation of LineItemCount is up to 998 for Visa and 98 for Mastercard.   But what about Amex?
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  • Developing I frame integration

    I am trying to implement the Express Hosted payment/PASS as an Iframe using Angular and NodeJS application.  I set up my lambda to get the transaction ID and I can get the site to redirect to the hosted page....
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  • Webpay integration docs (compatible with php 7.2)

    Have had to disconnect from our credit card validation form (https://merchants.worldpay.us) because our Drupal 7 website integration relied on mcrypt to connect our local shopping cart to the the validation form. ...
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  • POS

    Hey andrew.harris I am a POS software developer. I am currently not a Worldpay partner and would like to build a POS that interfaces with Worldpay. I would like to connect to the Worldpay Online Systems TLS platf...
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  • Transaction amount limit in CheckVerification and CheckSale

    Hi,   I was trying to add validation on the value of Transaction Amount field in my app when calling CheckVerification and CheckSale methods, I just realize that 1- current max value is 6500$  2- when us...
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  • ISO 8583 tcp/ip Interface details (URL/ip address)

    I am a POS (Point of Sale) manufacturer, I want to connect to ISO 8583 platform to process transaction using tcp/ip. What's the interface details (URL/ip address)? 
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  • Links in documentation broken

    I am trying to access some of your documentation about setting up the lanes using the Lane API.  It seems that you have a lot of dead links on your documentation pages.  * The lane api link is broken * the...
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  • triPOS 5.17 release date question

    Is there a release date for triPOS 5.17 yet?
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  • Cannot connect to Ingenico Device on Linux

    I am currently using the Linux triPOS integration on the latest version of Fedora. I am able to setup the triPOS server and process /api/v1/sale API calls using the virtual lane with ID 9999. However, when attemp...
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  • Random signature prompts, and disabling US-Debit choice?

    We've set a threshold in the triPOS.config:     <creditSaleSignatureThresholdAmount>40.00</creditSaleSignatureThresholdAmount>   but signatures are still prompted for amounts und...
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  • TriPOS text on MX 915

    I have seen this questions asked numerous times from research with still no solid answer on the matter.. Is there a way we can use a logo or image in place of the OEM triPOS text on the Verifone MX 915? We would like ...
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  • What is the correct module is for Vantiv integration

    You may remember me from late 2017, when we worked together on the Magento1 Litle Integration https://github.com/Vantiv/litle-integration-magento.  I am migrating our site to Magento 2 at this time, and was wonde...
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  • How to certify

    Hi, we have just about completed the integration of your product into our Bill Paying system. I'm assuming we now need to go through a certification process with you, but I can't find out how to organize this or what ...
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  • How to reproduce various triggers using EMV Vantiv MC 01 and EMV Vantiv Visa 07?

    Hello, Utilizing https://developer.vantiv.com/docs/DOC-3968 in a test environment with a physical terminal (VeriFone MX 915) pointed to the EMV Simulator, I have been unable to trigger the following decline...
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  • Card Statement Billing Description

    Using the Element Express interface with XML how can we adjust the description customers see on their card statement when seeing the charge for our services?   Thank you in advance for your help.
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