• Overnight Drop of PIN Pad Connections

    We have a client who recently updated to v5.15.0, and are having problems where all of their PIN pads are back to the "triPOS logo" (instead of the "welcome text" configured for the lane).  Obviously, when they g...
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  • triPOS Cloud Integration Guide

    View Previous: triPOS Cloud TutorialView Next: Transaction API orLane Management API   Introduction triPOS Cloud is a turnkey payment processing application designed to process all payment methods including EMV,...
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  • PASS Tokens and Credential On File - Failure Scenarios

    I'm looking to assess (a bit tardy, I know) some testing scenarios for my team as we begin augmentation of our existing Express API integration with respect to the Credential on File (CoF) functionality.  As it's...
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  • What call is used to Capture a Pre-Authorized Card?

    Novice question but can't find the answer!  We are adding Pre-Auth/capture to our e-commerce integration. I am referencing the Worldpay 610 Interface Reference Guide for the calls we need to add. For pre-aut...
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  • How to return errors from triPOS Sale API

    I'm trying to understand how to call the triPOS sale API to get errors returned on demand. I have searched through the documentation but have not found anything that would tell me how to do this.  We need to be ...
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  • credentials for Mercury Payments

    Hi Support,   Could you tell me where can I get my sandbox credentials (merchantID, operatorID and password) for Mercury Payments, please? My integration uses SOAP API.
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  • Express Vantiv Test Account Triggers

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  • New Sub-merchants for POS (Terminal) Which is also knows as ECR/EMV Payment Processing Solution

    Hi every one i am software engineer and work for my own IT company which is operating in India and Saudi Arabia, We provide Point of Sale system for retail sectors specially, and now I am looking to provide ...
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  • Payment solution for mobile app

    We're trying to implement payment solution to our mobile app platform. Where would be the good place to start?
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  • External-Express Debt Repayment Overview 07032019.pdf

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  • Express Response - Platform Response Details

    Express Response Matrix   A matrix of Express Response details for transactions processed on the Element Express processing platform are listed below.  Address Verification Service (AVS) and Card Verificatio...
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  • Hosted Payments Overview

    Introduction to Hosted Payment Pages This document details how to process payments via the Hosted Payments solution on the Worldpay Express payment platform. The use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) with Host...
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  • triPOS Cloud idle message on IPP320

    Hi, I'm implementing triPOS Cloud and would like to set the idle message (specifically on the IPP320) to something related to our company.   I'm calling "cloudapi/v1/lanes/{laneId}/profiles/idle" and am able to ...
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  • Developer Insights from the Global Payments Report

    Worldpay's 2018 Global Payments Report offers a comprehensive overview of the ways global consumers pay, from Argentina to Vietnam and everywhere in between. We took a look at 4 high potential emerging eComm...
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  • PSD2: Challenges and Opportunities for Developers

    We polled our twitter audiences to see what they knew about PSD2. Results were mixed!   As payment developers and API programmers, you face pressure to meet today’s consumer expectations to offer digital pa...
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  • TriPOS text on MX 915

    I have seen this questions asked numerous times from research with still no solid answer on the matter.. Is there a way we can use a logo or image in place of the OEM triPOS text on the Verifone MX 915? We would like ...
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  • Express Interface Specifications v3.0.3

    The Express Interface Detailed   The Express Interface is a highly secured, scalable, and reliable payment processing platform providing low cost and high speed transaction processing for card-present (such as r...
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  • Why Lane Connection Status keep getting Closed?

    Hi, We're using triPOS Cloud and managing Lane connections using REST API. I can see Lane Status keep getting Closed/Open(screenshot below).      I have few queries mentioned below. Please provide yo...
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  • correct documentation ?

    Hi, is this a valid documentation https://developer.worldpay.com/jsonapi/docs/own-form we can use as a reference to create recurring payments ? Do we need a different account from https://developer...
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  • Preventing Card Declines

    Hi, I have a quick question, we have some customers using Vantiv Express hosted payments page for online transactions.  These customers in question are movie theatres, so some people purchase tickets online in a ...
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