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Merchant Service Numbers

Worldpay Contact Center
(866) 622-2390
Available 24x7x365
(Main Customer Service)

Former Element Merchants
(866) 435-3636

eCommerce Merchant Support
(844) 843-6111

Merchant Activation Team (MAT)
(866) 622-2907

Former NPC Merchants
(800) 846-4472
(now Worldpay | ISO)
General Help

Customer Service & Technical Support
(888) 208-7231

Worldpay Integrated Payments
(800) 846-4472
(Sales & Service)
Former Mercury Payment Systems Merchants:

Financial Institutions Service Numbers

For existing Worldpay EFT customers
(800) 278-6888
Available 24x7x365

For existing Worldpay Credit customers
(800) 422-0733
Available 24x7x365