• What are the HostedCheckout credentials for manual entry?

    The credentials provided in the most recent document (MercuryPay Testing Guide and Script Library_FIS_Secure_03132020) indicate the HostedCheckout credentials for HostedCheckout POS and HostedCheckout eCommerce are as...
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  • How is TriPOS Cloud tied to a merchantid?

    I'm at the beginning of looking into a TriPOS Cloud integration and I'm trying to figure out how a terminal is tied to a merchantid.  I'm used to some other vendor integrations where you have account credentials/...
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  • Automated BIN update

    I've seen the article about how to manually update the BIN tables on TriPOS Direct.  Does TriPOS Direct automatically update the BIN tables at planned intervals or how does that work?  I couldn't locati...
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  • BBPOS Chipper 2x device integration with triPOS SDK

    Hello Team,   We are developing an iPad application in which we have a payment feature.   We are using triPOS sdk to integrate payment features into one of the our client iOS application. We are using...
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  • Receive 'PINPADERROR' response but the request still goes through

    Hey there,  We are having issues handling an odd response from TriPOS card readers. Occasionally, we will get a PINPADERROR response and as of now our service does not know how to handle that response. One would ...
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  • Old test cards triggers

    Hello!   I've got set of test cards without documentation. Please advise if there is any document describing amount triggers for the cards:   1. Amex Card 3 610 Only (also says Dual Interface) 2. Dis...
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  • How to get started with Worldpay's API for custom kiosk?

    My company develops video kiosks that accept credit cards among other payment methods. Currently we support the Authorize.net payment gateway. I'd like to add support for Worldpay for a new client, how do I get starte...
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  • What payment brands does Account Updater work with?

    I know that Account Updater works with Visa and MasterCard.  I thought I saw in one of the news letters it would  work with AmericanExpress soon.  Has that been implemented?
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  • how do i get transaction reports

    I do not receive transaction reports daily, monthly or yearly
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  • this connection is not secure - System.Security.SecurityException

    Hello -   I'm working with triPOS (Linux flavor). I am in test mode, and I have use https set to false. I have written code to create all the hmacs and have verified that my hashes match those returned in the re...
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  • Gathering customer information via ISC250 Touch

    I do not know if this is the right area, but thought I would try posting on here. We have an ISC250 touch and are looking to develop a way to have the customers input their email address and to be on our mailing list....
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  • Problem with certtransaction.elementexpress.com API

    Hello,    When attempting to utilize the API in our testing environment, we're getting the attached error. This appears to be a problem with the webservice- does anyone know how we can fix this issue? Thank...
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  • I am getting a URL can't be reached error when using https://triposcert.vantive.com/cloudapi/v1/lanes

    I am using the ARC tool to configure an iPP320 keypad.
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  • Still waiting for a dejavoo device...

    I got a call more than a week ago from someone who said the new device was initially sent to the wrong address.  they took my address and said they would try again.  Could you check on this for me?
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  • triPOS is not working with IE

    Hello,   I am new to Vantiv. I am integration triPOS with a payment site. I have configured the device and other details and the payment is working fine with Chrome  & FireFox. But in IE11 the trPOS req...
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  • POS terminal and Express Interface API

    Hello,   Since it's my first post, I'd like to introduce myself - my name is Krzysztof Rygielski and I'm a software developer (obviously). I'm currently attempting to develop a solution for my client, which woul...
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  • Assistance connecting our VX805 to the triPOS service, please.

    We recently changed our development box, because SQL Server was not starting reliably. On the new laptop, we are seeing in the triPOS service log file: triPOS v5.12.0.25206 (01 Jun 2017) Copyright © 2016 Vanti...
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  • Is tp-request-id in triPOS store and forward generated by the triPOS software?

    We are in the process of extending our triPOS payments integration to work with the automatic store and forward mode.   The S&F documentation indicates a transaction that is stored successfully "can be ident...
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  • How will we know store-and-forward is disabled (not allowed) in triPOS config?

    We are extending our triPOS payment integration and wanted to know how we will know our customer has configured triPOS [in the triPOS.config file] to not allow store and forward?   If it is disabled and triPOS f...
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  • MAG Integration Specs

    Where can I find the MAG integration specs?