• Does DuplicateCheckDisableFlag  need to be enabled by Application to work?

    I've noticed that event hough I sent "False" the same credit card with same amount on the same date can be charged twice or more. Like that Key doesn't make any effect.   Thank you.
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  • Express hosted payment using javascript

    How do I integrate Express Hosted Payments on a web server that does not have the ability to make any server calls to the API?    I need a frontend only / javascript-based solution where I would embed the W...
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  • Contactless on iUC285

    I understand that there is a setting change in triPOS.EMV.config for the Ingenico iUC285, specifically this:      <!-- CVM's = online PIN, offline enciphered PIN, offline plaintext PIN, signature an...
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  • Target Error Message CSS in HostedCheckout?

    Is it possible via an uploaded file to target the following CSS:   #lblErrMsg {font-size: 3em;}   I have a Merchant interested in increasing the size of the error notifications to ensure they stay in sync ...
    created by radialstudios
  • Potential triPOS bug (v5.16.1) - Ingenico devices locking up

    triPOS version: 5.16.1   PIN pad: Ingenico iSC-250 Problem:  when performing a lane configuration update (eg: PUT api/v1/configuration/lanes/ip/9999) and "forgetting"  to include a required ...
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  • How to create and update the payment account?

    Hi Team, I have been trying to develop a Vault payment feature in PHP by creating a payment account through hosted payment. I have done the part for creating a new payment account using AVS only service fol...
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  • WorldPay gift cards processing

    Hi, I've been searching for information about how to use World Pay gift cards, My interest is how it works and how to perform actions such as check balance, load card, etc' So far I couldn't find anything useful if y...
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  • PaymentAccountCreateWithTransID

    Something for the "Suggestion Box": Would it be possible to have as part of the TransactionSetup request an indicator that would automagically create a PASS account from the results of the subsequent transaction, if ...
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  • storeCard in a Sale transaction

    Is storeCard in a Sale transaction to save a token or is it for gift cards?   "storeCard": {     "description": "Information necessary to process a StoreCard transaction.",   &#...
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  • Missing Allowed Origins Header

    I'm attempting to access the triPOS api through a browser, and I have set    <corsAllowedOrigins>*</corsAllowedOrigins>   In my tripos.config file.   When when I attempt to access th...
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  • The remote name could not be resolved: 'transaction.elementexpress.com'

    Our services have been running fine for several months; but now we are seeing this intermittent error a LOT.   We're on AWS and are being told to clear our DNS cache; but we have a multi-tenant solution and...
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  • MercuryPay web addresses x1.mercurypay.com and g1.mercurypay.com still functional?

    We have some very old code that I believe uses the above addresses, it mysteriously ceased to function at the weekend, and those urls do not resolve. Can anybody help me by confirming that their demise was that recent...
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  • BBPOS Chipper 2x device integration with triPOS SDK

    Hello Team,   We are developing an iPad application in which we have a payment feature.   We are using triPOS sdk to integrate payment features into one of the our client iOS application. We are using...
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  • TriPOS How to Cancel QuickChip PreRead Sale Request

    Is there a TriPOS API to cancel a PreRead Sale Request? The first PreRead sale request is sent to the MX915 terminal when the cashier start scanning items into the POS.  In some cases, the cashier has to exchang...
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  • Is there a way to know the PinPad state?

    We are using TriPOS and we are looking for a way to learn the state of the PinPad while we process a payment. By state we mean "waiting for card","waiting for pin", "processing" etc. Is there a way we can a...
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  • [WARNING ] Interceptor for {https://triposcert.vantiv.com/api/v1/Sale}WebClient has thrown exception, unwinding now Could not send Message.

    I have business processing application which is callling POST request for Tripos Cloud API like   JAX-RS WebTarget webTarget = client.target("https://triposcert.vantiv.com/api/v1/Sale");// using Java Rest API I...
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  • What does DLD REJECTED MEAN? reffering to VX520 while trying to download

    Im trying to download my fathers terminal for him with his TID, its a vx520 Vantiv which is also my fathers processing company but when I try to download it it says "DLD REJECTED" im confused and stuck I cant get his ...
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  • triPOS 5.17 isContactlessEmvEntryAllowed default issue

    I'm finding that triPOS 5.17 contactless EMV transactions only work when the lane is set to   <isContactlessEmvEntryAllowed>true </isContactlessEmvEntryAllowed>    Despite the release ...
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  • Contacting My Partner Manger

    I am a Worldpay developer/dealer partner that has some issues with testing environment and the new iQ portal.   I have been unable to contact my partner manager for the past couple of months. The partner telepho...
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  • Switching From eCommerce to Express Hosted Payments

    We currently have an Vantiv Worldpay eCommerce API payment integration solution in production for one of our clients. We'd like to move away from PCI-DSS compliance to Express Hosted Payments, but before we initi...
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