• Where can I find test gift cards?

    Hello,    I am trying to test our gift card integration with WorldPay. How can we obtain some test gift cards so we can test?    Thank you!
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  • IPP 350 connect with Web Cloud application

    I want to integrate Web pos system to IPP 350 Ingenico  VIa TriPOS.   Mens, Application is hosted and I need to transfer sales amount to IPP 350 swiping machine   So, How it is possible?   also,...
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  • Lane 3000 P2Pe

    The Lane 3000 is not currently listed as a P2Pe validated device that would allow Merchants to reduce their SAQ sections and controls with Tri-POS direct. However, under the PCI Security Standards website, it is liste...
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  • triPOS Mobile SDK for Android

    triPOS Mobile SDK provides Android applications with a rapid integration for EMV support, point-of-interaction device support, and the Express platform. triPOS does the heavy lifting for PCI DSS compliance and offers ...
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  • EMV Contactless Worldpay IP Action Plan UPDATES 11182020.pdf

    11.11.2019 Action Plan updates to the original draft of Express/triPOS and Datacap target availability 04.01.2020 Current updates highlighted.  BBPOS and triPOS 5.17 Ingenico good to go. 05.18.2020 Clarified Ac...
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  • 3D Secure with Direct API Integration using iframe

    Hi,   We currently use the Direct API Integration method and render the payment form within an iframe. We have recently received an email saying that we need to switch 3D Secure on.   My question is this:...
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  • Does anyone have JAXB Java objects for the triPOS XSD's?

    Has anyone else had difficulty generating JAXB java objects from the triPOS Direct/Cloud XSD files? I was able to find there are more XSD files available from the triPOS Direct "api/help" portal.  They are not v...
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  • Testing Worldpay URL Params

    I'm using PHP and CURL in order to send payment details to worldpay used the hosted integration. I have it working in the test environment but I'm confused about the 'Parameters you can receive' section of the do...
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  • Hosted Checkout Cordova/Ionic Integration

    Greetings,   As a Point of Sale company, we integrate Vantiv/WorldPay services with our application and online ordering.  We use cross-platform dev tools such as Apache Cordova with ionic framework for our ...
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  • Express Scope of Work Agreement Worldpay from FIS

    11.06.2020 updated tokenization to reflect "Transform" and added BBPOS BT Chipper to the supported devices for triPOS Mobile iOS 11.02.2020 updated Ingenico devices Lane and Link; added definition of Omnitoken 08.07...
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  • TriPOS Cloud - How to display TIP Option along with Sale amount ?

    While Integrating POS application with TriPOS cloud using MX915 device, we see that TIP options appear first, with selection for TIP amount or %. On entering the TIP amount, total amount gets displayed, waiting for Ca...
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  • Express - Interface Specifications v3.0.9

    The Express Interface Detailed   The Express Interface is a highly secured, scalable, and reliable payment processing platform providing low cost and high speed transaction processing for card-present (such as r...
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  • triPOS 5.17/5.18 Vx805 (8.42b) MSD Contactless Instructions

    In order to support MSD contactless NFC transactions with the older version of the Vx805 (8.42B) and triPOS 5.17.0 the triPOS.EMV.config located on this page must be used.   After installing triPOS 5.17/5.1...
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  • triPOS Mobile - iOS SDK Tutorial

    How to get started with the triPOS Mobile SDK for iOS Take payments anywhere with an omni-commerce experience that accepts payment types through a single integration.  Updates are managed through our TechLif...
    Worldpay Developer Community Support Team
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  • TriPOS with First Data processing

    Hello, We would like to get the information on how can we use TriPOS gateway to use it with the First Data processing terminals?   We reviewed this TriPOS white paper (http://www.posretailsolutions.com/wp-conte...
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  • TriPOS with FirstData integration

    Hello, We would like to get the information on how can we use TriPOS gateway to use it with the First Data processing terminals?   We reviewed this TriPOS white paper (http://www.posretailsolutions.com/wp-content...
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  • IngenicoUSBDrivers_3.26_setup_SIGNED.exe

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  • BBPOS iOS iPhone Tap to pay

    Hi,   We are integrating the iOS SDK for express and BBPOS. When tapping an iPhone on the BBPOS, the charge is completed successfully but the last 4 (masked card number) appears incorrectly in the response from ...
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  • Tokenize Gift Cards?

    Is it possible to tokenize Gift Cards? We have an integration in which we tokenize Credit Cards for later use. 
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  • "ContactlessIcc" Entry Mode

    Hello!   In our TriPOS Cloud integration recently in the response of some contactless authorizations requests we got "ContactlessIcc"  as EntryMode. In the possible values of EntryMode in the API Documentat...
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