• Does DuplicateCheckDisableFlag  need to be enabled by Application to work?

    I've noticed that event hough I sent "False" the same credit card with same amount on the same date can be charged twice or more. Like that Key doesn't make any effect.   Thank you.
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  • triPOS Mobile - iOS SDK Tutorial

    How to get started with the triPOS Mobile SDK for iOS Take payments anywhere with an omni-commerce experience that accepts payment types through a single integration.  Updates are managed through our TechLif...
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  • Express Hosted Payments and MercuryPay Hosted Checkout Compliance Summary

    Branding updates
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  • Express hosted payment using javascript

    How do I integrate Express Hosted Payments on a web server that does not have the ability to make any server calls to the API?    I need a frontend only / javascript-based solution where I would embed the W...
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  • Updating triPOS Direct BIN tables manually (Windows or Linux)

    Updating triPOS Direct BIN tables manually (Windows or Linux)   Requirements Initiating a manual update to the triPOS BIN tables requires that triPOS 5.1.0 or higher be used, and is supported in both the Window...
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  • Contactless on iUC285

    I understand that there is a setting change in triPOS.EMV.config for the Ingenico iUC285, specifically this:      <!-- CVM's = online PIN, offline enciphered PIN, offline plaintext PIN, signature an...
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  • triPOS SDK Linux.zip

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  • triPOS SDK.zip

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  • Target Error Message CSS in HostedCheckout?

    Is it possible via an uploaded file to target the following CSS:   #lblErrMsg {font-size: 3em;}   I have a Merchant interested in increasing the size of the error notifications to ensure they stay in sync ...
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  • Potential triPOS bug (v5.16.1) - Ingenico devices locking up

    triPOS version: 5.16.1   PIN pad: Ingenico iSC-250 Problem:  when performing a lane configuration update (eg: PUT api/v1/configuration/lanes/ip/9999) and "forgetting"  to include a required ...
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  • triPOS Direct - Install Requirements

    triPOS Direct Overview triPOS removes payment applications from PA-DSS scope by avoiding the need to store or process cardholder data, which simplifies and reduces risk associated with payment acceptance. This se...
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  • How to create and update the payment account?

    Hi Team, I have been trying to develop a Vault payment feature in PHP by creating a payment account through hosted payment. I have done the part for creating a new payment account using AVS only service fol...
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  • WorldPay gift cards processing

    Hi, I've been searching for information about how to use World Pay gift cards, My interest is how it works and how to perform actions such as check balance, load card, etc' So far I couldn't find anything useful if y...
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  • triPOS Cloud Release Notes

    Overview This document is intended for software developers needing to refer to specific versions of triPOS Cloud. The triPOS Cloud Release Notes provide information about: New Features & Improvements Bug Fixes &...
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  • PaymentAccountCreateWithTransID

    Something for the "Suggestion Box": Would it be possible to have as part of the TransactionSetup request an indicator that would automagically create a PASS account from the results of the subsequent transaction, if ...
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  • storeCard in a Sale transaction

    Is storeCard in a Sale transaction to save a token or is it for gift cards?   "storeCard": {     "description": "Information necessary to process a StoreCard transaction.",   &#...
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  • Missing Allowed Origins Header

    I'm attempting to access the triPOS api through a browser, and I have set    <corsAllowedOrigins>*</corsAllowedOrigins>   In my tripos.config file.   When when I attempt to access th...
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  • Express - Interface Specifications v3.0.7

    The Express Interface Detailed   The Express Interface is a highly secured, scalable, and reliable payment processing platform providing low cost and high speed transaction processing for card-present (such as r...
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  • External-Express In-App Purchases Overview

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  • External-Express In-App Purchases Overview 06252020.pdf

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