• Is there a detailed list of supported payment methods?

    I initially asked this as a comment to the triPOS Cloud Overview page, but I think this forum is a better place for it.   We are investigating a potential integration with Vantiv (triPOS Cloud, specifically). &#...
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  • Oracle Payment Interface OPI and Vantiv tripos setup

    Greetings  i am working on a micros RES 3700 V5.2 integration with the tripos integration . I followed the documents but i still can not get it to work . Has anyone out there got his to work . I need to move all...
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  • triPOS Direct with settlement using Vantiv Express

    nsuess: please do not mark this answered.   Hi,   We are using triPOS Direct with our payment integration in a Restaurant environment. We use the "authorise then capture" pattern so we can manage gratuiti...
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  • Datacap released a new version of NETePay (5.06.11) for opt out EMV Contactless

    To comply with the Canadian code of conduct and any single merchant that wants to opt out of supporting contactless, Datacap has released a new version of NETePay supporting Vantiv Integrated Payments, now Worldpay Ca...
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  • triPOS DEFECT: When will the triPOS management of an exception with a debit card in a "network physically disconnected" situation yield a valid XML document that we can interrogate?

    nsuess please don't mark this "answered"!   What is our environment? Windows 10. VeriFone VX805. triPOS service version 5.14.   How do we reproduce the issue? We are processing a payment for $21.00 using a ...
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