• Hosted Checkout Address Fields

    I'm setting up Hosted Checkout. I've managed to generate a TransactionSetupID and get a hosted checkout form. Where I'm having trouble is, I can't figure how to add the Billing Name, Address, Zip, to that form.  ...
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  • Hosted Payment API response is HTML instead of XML

    I am following the steps found at GitHub - ElementPS/HostedPayments.CSharp  to perform a transaction. When I send request to Express API, I receive a status 200 ok, but the response is HTML instead of XML.Wh...
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  • Difference Between Different SDKs

    Hi, I am new to Vantiv Payment Gateway Integration, We are working on the get the Payment gateway implemented for an in-house application where the payment will be processed both from the Web app and a Mobile App. Th...
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  • Options to Exclude Null Devices From Being Installed

    How can I (outside of a homegrown "post-installation script") tell the triPOS Direct installer to not install the dummy lanes(ESPECIALLY the "Virtual IP Lane", which litters the logs with connection err...
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  • PHP Sample for using REST

    If anyone can post a sample form showing how to use php to process a card "no card present". It would be greatly appreciated.   Thank you in advance, Greg
  • php without sdk install?

    I have paypal forms for charging cards "no card present". I am having trouble getting worldpay to configured and a form to successfully work. My platform is an install of linux opensuse from a ISO file. This ISO insta...
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  • Express Hosted Pages and PCI

    We fully understand implementing Hosted Payments into the Express Platform using WorldPay Hosted Pages eliminates the ISV from PCI scope.  But what are the ISVs to tell the Merchants other then "we are not in sco...
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  • What is the difference between Vantiv and Worldpay Sandbox?

    If any one can shed a light on what is the difference between Vantiv and Worldpay Sandbox? I signed up for worldpay sandbox, where I can see merchant key, service key and client key. I need to make POST request a...
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  • triPOS v1/lanes/{laneId}/command

    This question is triPOS Lane API, specifically the /v1/lanes/{laneId}/command method.    Exactly what kinds of command can you pass to this method? The documentation says Command includes: reinitialize bu...
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  • Tripos Direct MX915 Freezes up sometime on card insert

    We have a merchant on Tripos Direct 5.16 using MX915 that has complained about MX915 PINPAD Just freezes up on card insert.Can anyone explain what does error below means?    Upon inspecting the Verbose logs...
  • Worldpay express reporting API

    Hi - , Is there a reporting API that captures some daily or weekly number of transaction by Transaction Status of an Express ACH flow for example  ? I don't seem to find it in the express documentation.   ...
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  • Which API to use?

    Due to recent acquisitions, our ACH processing account was recently converted to use CheckCommerce instead of SecureNet. We had API integration with SecureNet which was lost. We now need to implement similar integrati...
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  • How to return errors from triPOS Sale API

    I'm trying to understand how to call the triPOS sale API to get errors returned on demand. I have searched through the documentation but have not found anything that would tell me how to do this.  We need to be ...
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  • Tripos hosted implementation

    Tripos hosted checkout flow.   Previously been working with Vantiv/Mercury, it was quite flawless, did on hosted checkout submit preauthorization, then if it is successfully captured on our end.   Now with...
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  • Testing ACH payments

    Hi all, I am working on an old Express Interface integration in WebForms project. It uses SOAP messages through Express interface. There were some problems occurred because of the latest API interface changes. I fixed...
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  • increasing a submitted charge

    Can a catering company add a tip to a catering total amount charge after the delivery people bring back a signed invoice that now includes a tip?  In other words, increase the amount being charged on a singl...
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  • understanding TransForm tokenization process

    Hi   I have created a test account, got AccountID, AccountToken, AcceptorID & ApplicationID. I have run a HealthCheck request to verify that I can send messages in the right format. I got...
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  • Software not synced

    We moved from Worldpay to Vantiv and our software is not synced with the new system. As a result we are not getting any reports for the almost 1 month. Need someone to guide through the process. 
  • Payment Account Secure Storage (PASS) for PHP

    Hi Guys,    We are planning to switch to PASS(Payment Account Secure Storage), I am using PHP, could you please guide me here, do we have sample code just like HostedPayments.csharp.   Thank you  ...
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  • triPOS/PIN-Pad Behaviors After triPOS Direct (and subsequent RBA version) Update

    Starting this post after some observations in the field where our clients updated triPOS from v5.4.0 to v5.14.2, which also included the update of their Ingenico (iSC250's in this case) RBA version from v17.x to v21.x...
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