• How to create and update the payment account?

    Hi Team, I have been trying to develop a Vault payment feature in PHP by creating a payment account through hosted payment. I have done the part for creating a new payment account using AVS only service fol...
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  • MercuryPay Testing Guide and Script Library FIS_Post DCM to RAFT

    Note for use After June 18, 2020: Because of a Data Center Migration to our RAFT TEST Host platform, this version of the MercuryPay Testing Guide and Script Libraries outlines changes in testing procedures and u...
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  • MercuryPay Express Vantiv Testing Quick Reference 06182020.pdf

    Available for testing after June 18, 2020: Quick reference guide to updated test trigger values on MercuryPay's certification environment. 06182020: Updated to include EBT testing using existing MasterCards.  S...
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  • MercuryPay 2020 Platform API and Integration Guide

    This is a comprehensive and updated guide to the integration methods available on MercuryPay including Datacap NETePay/dsiEMVUS and dsiPDCX, Datacap TranCloud, MercuryPay Web Services/PaymentsAPI and HostedCheckout. N...
    Worldpay Developer Community Support Team
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  • TriPOS PASS Card On File APIs

    I am using PASS(Payment Account Secure Storage) to store card on file.  The PASS overview describes using the PaymentAccountQuery to query the PASS records. However, the PaymentAccountQuery method is not availabl...
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  • Express - Gift Card Interface Specification

    Updated to Worldpay from FIS branding and minor formatting edits
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  • can worldpay accept network token in the payment API

    Hi team,   I am doing some research on using network token for our payment service. Currently, our system can get network token from mastercard token service (MDES),  I am wondering whether worldp...
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  • Express - StoreCard Transaction Methods

    The documentation below outlines every method available through the Express StoreCard API and the input fields necessary to post a request.  For additional details on any specific enumeration values, feel free to...
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  • Express - Getting Started with StoreCard

    Vantiv Integrated Payments gift processing platform is designed to provide POS systems an integrated gift solution that can increase revenue, build merchant retention, and enhance the cardholder's experience. Develope...
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  • Procedure to install and use IUC285 with tripos payment gateway

    Hi    Is there is any proper documentation to clarify how to install Ingenico iuc285 with tripos payment gateway?   Also, Is there is any way to disable PinPad on IUC285 - I am getting an error after I...
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  • Need Help with returning/reversing CreditSaleToken transactions

    I'm seeing an error Token Service Unavailable. - 200 Response With Status:Failure Message:Parse token failure when I attempt to return CreditSaleToken transactions. I don't see in any documentation where these sh...
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  • StoreCard REST Transactions on MercuryPay

    Setup JSON formatted requests and responses are used over HTTPS for transaction processing on the MercuryPay Interface.   HostsProduction Server     PRIMARY   https://w1.mercurypay.com/Payment...
  • Vantiv.Prepaid.Api

    Hi, There is an Open Account sample csharp file and it has the code below.   using System; using Vantiv.Prepaid.Api.SampleCode.ApiWcfRef; /// <summary> /// Sample code in this namespace uses C# and the...
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  • Test Transactions Decline - MerchantID Not Found

    Hello,   When attempt to process a transaction through the MercuryPay test platform - I receive an error:      Error code 002012      Error: "MerchantID not found". ...
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  • Vantiv StoreCard Overview

    Integrate StoreCard for an easy way to offer your own end-to-end gift and reward program.  StoreCard empowers developers access to gift processing, reward capabilities, digital cards, reporting, seamless merchan...
  • Get Started with StoreCard on MercuryPay

    Transform a traditional gift and reward program into a complete stored value service. StoreCard maintains all the benefits of a gift card, with the enhanced capabilities of a rewards card and mobile payment card, all ...
  • StoreCard Error Messages - MercuryPay

    The error messages and descriptions below apply to all StoreCard integrations on the MercuryPay interface.   Error message Description Gift Set Up  NoMerchantIDSpecified This merchant ID was not found in our ...
  • Where can I find test gift card account numbers?

    I am using DSICLient and mtoken system.
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  • Gift Cards Production Questions

    Assumptions: 1) I am a merchant selling gift cards to my establishment 2) The customer buys one 3) The payment is accepted   Questions: 1) Can the merchant produce the card onsite, at the time of the sale? ...
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