• MercuryPay Testing Guide Secure

    03102020--updated HC password
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  • MercuryPay 2020 Platform API and Integration Guide

    This is a comprehensive and updated guide to the integration methods available on MercuryPay including Datacap NETePay/dsiEMVUS and dsiPDCX, Datacap TranCloud, MercuryPay Web Services/PaymentsAPI and HostedCheckout. N...
    Worldpay Developer Community Support Team
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  • EMV Contactless Worldpay IP Action Plan

    01082020 additional ongoing updates on EMV contactless device availability and target release dates.   11.22.2019 Further clarification from the triPOS product team on targeted release and device support fo...
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  • MercuryPay Testing Guide _FIS_02052020.pdf

    Quick reference guide to testing on MercuryPay/Datacap MercuryCert.Net Server Addresses Quick Access Test Merchant IDs Test EMV and MSR Card Details Testing Platform Trigger Amounts AVS/CVV Handling • Datacap N...
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  • Contactless_Card Brands_ 10072019.pdf

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  • MercuryPay - Manual Entry and Card-Not-Present Fraud Protection

    Implementing AVS and CVV on MercuryPay For POS applications that support manually entered or card-not-present transactions, implementing Address Verification (AVS) and Card Security Code (CVV/CVV2/CID) data in the tra...
    Worldpay Developer Community Support Team
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  • About Worldpay from FIS Integrated Payments

    Welcome to Worldpay from FIS Integrated Payments developer community. This site is designed to get you familiar with the variety of resources available to help you integrate our payment processing solutions and a...
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  • MercuryPay - Getting Started with MToken

    When requested by the POS, a token is generated and returned with the transaction authorization approval response. The token can then be used in place of the cardholder account number to perform subsequent transaction...
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  • Worldpay from FIS MercuryPay Datacap Scope of Work Agreement

    10.10.2019  corrected typo in compliance section; some minor format updates 08.20.2019 updated branding to FIS 07.01.2019 added compliance release documentation (post cert attestation no longer required), and p...
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  • Procedure to install and use IUC285 with tripos payment gateway

    Hi    Is there is any proper documentation to clarify how to install Ingenico iuc285 with tripos payment gateway?   Also, Is there is any way to disable PinPad on IUC285 - I am getting an error after I...
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  • Which API Should i use to process Credit/Debit Card Payment?

    I am looking at this URL link for API and I am using developer test version now. API Documentation    Can some one please suggest whihc API URL is used for Payment Processing. I tried using  API URL: ...
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  • Index Key Missing - BIN Table

    Hi,   We had implemented Vantiv integration with our POS last year.   All was well but now there is an issue with few POSs. We are getting "Index Key Missing" on the reader device and below is the result o...
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  • How can I request a Test Card for Production.

    Hi.  We need a test card for Production and I am wondering what is the right way to go about getting this info.  I have tried the number of cards that are available in the community but have not been success...
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  • TLS 1.2

    How do I know is my POS system's encryption protocol is updated to TLS v1.2? The company is out of business and developer no longer working. Is there a way for me to tell or someone I can contact? Thanks
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  • Getting Started with MercuryPay

    In addition to Express, Vantiv Integrated Payments offers a highly scalable processing platform, MercuryPay, which is also built around a comprehensive and secure semi-integrated payment portfolio, Vantiv Integration ...
  • Do you support Tri-Tech AIMsi Software

    Do you support TriTech AIMsi software?
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  • StoreCard REST Transactions on MercuryPay

    Setup JSON formatted requests and responses are used over HTTPS for transaction processing on the MercuryPay Interface.   HostsProduction Server     PRIMARY   https://w1.mercurypay.com/Payment...
  • Vantiv.Prepaid.Api

    Hi, There is an Open Account sample csharp file and it has the code below.   using System; using Vantiv.Prepaid.Api.SampleCode.ApiWcfRef; /// <summary> /// Sample code in this namespace uses C# and the...
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  • CVV and AVS Response Codes - inconsistent behavior

    Hello,   I am unable to get the expected CVV and AVS response codes to come back from the test platform. I'm not sure why. The behavior I'm seeing isn't very consistent.   I'm sending in the right values...
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  • Duplicate transactions - how do I prevent this on MercuryPay?

    I have one production merchant who continues to complain to me that their clients are getting double-charged.   I did some research... Our system only shows a record of one approved transaction. However, when...
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