• What is the difference between Vantiv and Worldpay Sandbox?

    If any one can shed a light on what is the difference between Vantiv and Worldpay Sandbox? I signed up for worldpay sandbox, where I can see merchant key, service key and client key. I need to make POST request a...
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  • Hosted Payments Overview

    Introduction to Hosted Payment Pages This document details how to process payments via the Hosted Payments solution on the Worldpay Express payment platform. The use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) with Host...
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  • PASS Tokens and Credential On File - Failure Scenarios

    I'm looking to assess (a bit tardy, I know) some testing scenarios for my team as we begin augmentation of our existing Express API integration with respect to the Credential on File (CoF) functionality.  As it's...
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  • Express - PASS Product Overview.pdf

    July 1, 2019--updated formatting and Worldpay branding An overview of the Payment Account Secure Storage functionality supported on the Express payment platform.
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  • Procedure to install and use IUC285 with tripos payment gateway

    Hi    Is there is any proper documentation to clarify how to install Ingenico iuc285 with tripos payment gateway?   Also, Is there is any way to disable PinPad on IUC285 - I am getting an error after I...
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  • HostedPayment Duplicate response iframe

    Hi guys,  We have the HostedPayment URL service embedded within an iframe in our web page https://certtransaction.hostedpayments.com/?TransactionSetupID=<ID>, So during  the duplicate ...
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  • Can't send TransactionQuery request (Express Interface API)

    I am trying to implement Hosted Payment Page method for Web store (The configuration is Web browser - My Server - https://  certtransaction.hostedpayments.com gateway).   My workflow is : 1. Client (web br...
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  • VISA's New Purchase Return Authorization Mandate

    In April of 2019 (last October for larger merchants), Visa will be mandating that merchants "process a purchase return authorization for each return."  Clients are starting to ask about this with respect to ...
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  • Which API Should i use to process Credit/Debit Card Payment?

    I am looking at this URL link for API and I am using developer test version now. API Documentation    Can some one please suggest whihc API URL is used for Payment Processing. I tried using  API URL: ...
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  • Need Help with returning/reversing CreditSaleToken transactions

    I'm seeing an error Token Service Unavailable. - 200 Response With Status:Failure Message:Parse token failure when I attempt to return CreditSaleToken transactions. I don't see in any documentation where these sh...
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  • Payment Account Secure Storage (PASS) for PHP

    Hi Guys,    We are planning to switch to PASS(Payment Account Secure Storage), I am using PHP, could you please guide me here, do we have sample code just like HostedPayments.csharp.   Thank you  ...
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  • How can I request a Test Card for Production.

    Hi.  We need a test card for Production and I am wondering what is the right way to go about getting this info.  I have tried the number of cards that are available in the community but have not been success...
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  • CreditCardSale with PaymentAccountID

    Hi, I always get "CardNumberRequired" when i try to CreditCardSale with a PaymentAccountID.   is it possibile to have an XML exampled of the call?   I'm using the express with the SoapEndpoint   ...
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  • triPOS Lane API - create new land id

    I am getting following response for creating lane for first time using Postman using request POST /v1/lanes {"laneId": 1,   "terminalId": "1",   "serialNumber": "s1",   "modelNumber": "m1",   "...
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  • Hosted Payment Tokenize Problem

    My company want to implement the Hosted Payments Overview for our client,  I used the  Github Sample Code: https://github.com/ElementPS/HostedPayments.CSharp, when I tried to change ...
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  • Hosted Payments deadlines for TLS 1.2 transition

    Concerning the deadlines shown on Upcoming TLS 1.2 Express and MercuryPay Platform Changes :  I see no explicit mention for the Element Hosted Payments platform.  Can you provide the deadline dates...
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  • hosted payments credit card restriction and validation

    Is there a way to restrict card logo/type when setting up the transaction and getting the token back?  I need to only allow the visa / mastercard types and nothing else such as AMEX.
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  • Hosted Page Return URL lenght

    Hi, there is a way to raise the return url length? We are generation automatic URL that are longer then 150 characters.   Thank you, DM
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  • Vantiv.Prepaid.Api

    Hi, There is an Open Account sample csharp file and it has the code below.   using System; using Vantiv.Prepaid.Api.SampleCode.ApiWcfRef; /// <summary> /// Sample code in this namespace uses C# and the...
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  • Change button label in hosted payments on Express

    We have a customer who integrates with Vantiv Through Eclipse ERP. we call an Eclipse API that gives us back the hosted url   ex : https://transaction.hostedpayments.com/?TransactionSetupID=AAA-AAA-AAA-AAA-D59D7...
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