• Infinite Mx915 reboot loop

    TriPOS direct v I have a device that hangs up on "LOADING CA PUBLIC KEYS" and then starts the initialization process all over again.  Verbose TriPOS logs have this over and over.  About 45 seconds ...
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  • Lane 3000 P2Pe

    The Lane 3000 is not currently listed as a P2Pe validated device that would allow Merchants to reduce their SAQ sections and controls with Tri-POS direct. However, under the PCI Security Standards website, it is liste...
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  • Does triPos sdk support for flutter ios

    Hi, We are developing flutter application , is there any triPos SDK(plugin) support for iOS platform especially on flutter framework. If yes please give us some reference documents or links.
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  • iOS SDK to use in flutter

    Hi ,  I would like to use Tripos IOS sdk in flutter ,  is there existing binding project for that ?
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  • Potential triPOS bug (v5.16.1) - Ingenico devices locking up

    triPOS version: 5.16.1   PIN pad: Ingenico iSC-250 Problem:  when performing a lane configuration update (eg: PUT api/v1/configuration/lanes/ip/9999) and "forgetting"  to include a required ...
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  • TriPOS How to Cancel QuickChip PreRead Sale Request

    Is there a TriPOS API to cancel a PreRead Sale Request? The first PreRead sale request is sent to the MX915 terminal when the cashier start scanning items into the POS.  In some cases, the cashier has to exchang...
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  • TriPOS PASS Card On File APIs

    I am using PASS(Payment Account Secure Storage) to store card on file.  The PASS overview describes using the PaymentAccountQuery to query the PASS records. However, the PaymentAccountQuery method is not availabl...
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  • EMV Contactless Worldpay IP Action Plan April 2020

    01082020 additional ongoing updates on EMV contactless device availability and target release dates.   11.22.2019 Further clarification from the triPOS product team on targeted release and device support fo...
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  • Automated BIN update

    I've seen the article about how to manually update the BIN tables on TriPOS Direct.  Does TriPOS Direct automatically update the BIN tables at planned intervals or how does that work?  I couldn't locati...
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  • ExpressResponseMessage: CardNumber Required tripos direct

    we are getting ExpressResponseMessage: CardNumber Required   error on tripos direct 5.16 using MX915 on all the cards and can't figure out why. The machine and terminal was working fine until the night before a...
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  • VerifoneUnifiedDriverInstaller64.msi.zip

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  • triPOS Direct Installation Guide and Best Practices_FIS 12092019.pdf

    12.09.2019 updated to include FIS Branding 
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  • Express Hosted Pages and PCI

    We fully understand implementing Hosted Payments into the Express Platform using WorldPay Hosted Pages eliminates the ISV from PCI scope.  But what are the ISVs to tell the Merchants other then "we are not in sco...
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  • Tripos Direct MX915 Freezes up sometime on card insert

    We have a merchant on Tripos Direct 5.16 using MX915 that has complained about MX915 PINPAD Just freezes up on card insert.Can anyone explain what does error below means?    Upon inspecting the Verbose logs...