• Express Scope of Work Agreement Worldpay from FIS

    08.07.20020 updated email address and removed 800 number 05.27.2020 removed soft descriptors as they are no longer supported 01.16.2020--alignment of targeted project timelines; removed VX 805 10.2019 updated typo ...
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  • TriPOS How to Cancel QuickChip PreRead Sale Request

    Is there a TriPOS API to cancel a PreRead Sale Request? The first PreRead sale request is sent to the MX915 terminal when the cashier start scanning items into the POS.  In some cases, the cashier has to exchang...
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  • Is there a way to know the PinPad state?

    We are using TriPOS and we are looking for a way to learn the state of the PinPad while we process a payment. By state we mean "waiting for card","waiting for pin", "processing" etc. Is there a way we can a...
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  • EMV Contactless Worldpay IP Action Plan UPDATES 05182020.pdf

    11.11.2019 Action Plan updates to the original draft of Express/triPOS and Datacap target availability 04.01.2020 Current updates highlighted.  BBPOS and triPOS 5.17 Ingenico good to go. 05.18.2020 Clarified Ac...
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  • TriPOS PASS Card On File APIs

    I am using PASS(Payment Account Secure Storage) to store card on file.  The PASS overview describes using the PaymentAccountQuery to query the PASS records. However, the PaymentAccountQuery method is not availabl...
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  • Avoiding the Debit/Credit question on PIN Pad (TriPOS Cloud)

    So, a request I've gotten from clients that are shut down due to COVID-19, but will be opening soon is to make the payment as touchless as possible. So, for TriPOS Cloud there are two big things to do: 1) Set co...
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  • How is TriPOS Cloud tied to a merchantid?

    I'm at the beginning of looking into a TriPOS Cloud integration and I'm trying to figure out how a terminal is tied to a merchantid.  I'm used to some other vendor integrations where you have account credentials/...
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  • EMV Contactless Worldpay IP Action Plan April 2020

    01082020 additional ongoing updates on EMV contactless device availability and target release dates.   11.22.2019 Further clarification from the triPOS product team on targeted release and device support fo...
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  • Receive 'PINPADERROR' response but the request still goes through

    Hey there,  We are having issues handling an odd response from TriPOS card readers. Occasionally, we will get a PINPADERROR response and as of now our service does not know how to handle that response. One would ...
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  • tripos cloud Approval message API vs Pinpad delay

    We are using tripos cloud. However we have a Challenge  with the timing of the "Approval" Message on the actual pinpad vs API Response. The response from the API and actual "Approval" message on the ter...
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  • Full TriPOS Integration

    Hello Is there an email address that I can email where someone will be able to help me. We have an online website that we currently do online payments through worldpay however we are wanting to expand to provide a v...
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  • triPOS v1/lanes/{laneId}/command

    This question is triPOS Lane API, specifically the /v1/lanes/{laneId}/command method.    Exactly what kinds of command can you pass to this method? The documentation says Command includes: reinitialize bu...
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  • triPOS Cloud - Overview

    triPOS Cloud is an extension to the triPOS product line, mobile and PC. It is built on the most flexible, processor owned technology for web-based commerce. Its meticulously-designed REST API and unmatched functionali...
    Worldpay Developer Community Support Team
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  • Links in documentation broken

    I am trying to access some of your documentation about setting up the lanes using the Lane API.  It seems that you have a lot of dead links on your documentation pages.  * The lane api link is broken * the...
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  • triPOS Cloud - Integration Guide

    View Previous: triPOS Cloud TutorialView the APIs: Transaction API and Lane Management API   Introduction triPOS Cloud is a turnkey payment processing application designed to process all payment method...
    Worldpay Developer Community Support Team
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  • TriPOS text on MX 915

    I have seen this questions asked numerous times from research with still no solid answer on the matter.. Is there a way we can use a logo or image in place of the OEM triPOS text on the Verifone MX 915? We would like ...
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  • How to return errors from triPOS Sale API

    I'm trying to understand how to call the triPOS sale API to get errors returned on demand. I have searched through the documentation but have not found anything that would tell me how to do this.  We need to be ...
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  • Why Lane Connection Status keep getting Closed?

    Hi, We're using triPOS Cloud and managing Lane connections using REST API. I can see Lane Status keep getting Closed/Open(screenshot below).      I have few queries mentioned below. Please provide yo...
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  • Express - PASS Product Overview.pdf

    July 1, 2019--updated formatting and Worldpay branding An overview of the Payment Account Secure Storage functionality supported on the Express payment platform.
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  • Procedure to install and use IUC285 with tripos payment gateway

    Hi    Is there is any proper documentation to clarify how to install Ingenico iuc285 with tripos payment gateway?   Also, Is there is any way to disable PinPad on IUC285 - I am getting an error after I...
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