• Is there a way to view individual transactions from ipp320 device?

    I am troubleshooting an issue where a transaction is missing from our bank. The transaction went through at the device level, but never showed up in the bank. Is there a portal or anything where you can see each trans...
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  • Express Hosted Pages and PCI

    We fully understand implementing Hosted Payments into the Express Platform using WorldPay Hosted Pages eliminates the ISV from PCI scope.  But what are the ISVs to tell the Merchants other then "we are not in sco...
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  • Procedure to install and use IUC285 with tripos payment gateway

    Hi    Is there is any proper documentation to clarify how to install Ingenico iuc285 with tripos payment gateway?   Also, Is there is any way to disable PinPad on IUC285 - I am getting an error after I...
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  • Signature Requirements for EMV Enabled Merchants

    Hello ONE, eplumb0501greg.best@vantiv.com jbevington   What is Worldpay's stance for triPOS Cloud and capturing signatures on merchant copy receipts when EMV is enabled?   Can WP disable triPOS Cloud ...
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  • triPOS Lane API - create new land id

    I am getting following response for creating lane for first time using Postman using request POST /v1/lanes {"laneId": 1,   "terminalId": "1",   "serialNumber": "s1",   "modelNumber": "m1",   "...
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  • Vantiv.Prepaid.Api

    Hi, There is an Open Account sample csharp file and it has the code below.   using System; using Vantiv.Prepaid.Api.SampleCode.ApiWcfRef; /// <summary> /// Sample code in this namespace uses C# and the...
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