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Something for the "Suggestion Box": Would it be possible to have as part of the TransactionSetup request an indicator that would automagically create a PASS account from the results of the subsequent transaction, if successful (with the PaymentAccountID returned in the Hosted Payments response's query-string)?
Is storeCard in a Sale transaction to save a token or is it for gift cards?   "storeCard": {     "description": "Information necessary to process a StoreCard transaction.",     "type": "POST_StoreCard/v1/sale",     "required": false  },
I'm attempting to access the triPOS api through a browser, and I have set    <corsAllowedOrigins>*</corsAllowedOrigins>   In my tripos.config file.   When when I attempt to access the api, the browser is complaining:   has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.   And I have… (Show more)
Hi, I've been searching for information about how to use World Pay gift cards, My interest is how it works and how to perform actions such as check balance, load card, etc' So far I couldn't find anything useful if you can refer me to something that I can use it would be really helpful, I'm using php but I'm comfortable with almost anything… (Show more)
Worldpay Developer Community Support Team
Click to view contentHow to get started with the triPOS Mobile SDK for iOS Take payments anywhere with an omni-commerce experience that accepts payment types through a single integration.  Updates are managed through our TechLift team guiding you with best in-class security and gateway services in a single integration.   Use the steps below to start integrating with…
Click to view contentThe Express Interface Detailed   The Express Interface is a highly secured, scalable, and reliable payment processing platform providing low cost and high speed transaction processing for card-present (such as retail, auto rental, restaurant, etc.) and card-not-present (ecommerce, mail order, telephone order) merchants.   It provides credit…
I'm setting up Hosted Checkout. I've managed to generate a TransactionSetupID and get a hosted checkout form. Where I'm having trouble is, I can't figure how to add the Billing Name, Address, Zip, to that form.   Here is the XML I'm using. Where does the <Address> class go? I can't seem to find any information on it at all. Whatever… (Show more)
We have some very old code that I believe uses the above addresses, it mysteriously ceased to function at the weekend, and those urls do not resolve. Can anybody help me by confirming that their demise was that recent? Much appreciated!
I am following the steps found at GitHub - ElementPS/HostedPayments.CSharp  to perform a transaction. When I send request to Express API, I receive a status 200 ok, but the response is HTML instead of XML.What am I doing wrong?
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