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Hi, We are developing flutter application , is there any triPos SDK(plugin) support for iOS platform especially on flutter framework. If yes please give us some reference documents or links.
Updating triPOS Direct BIN tables manually (Windows or Linux)   Requirements Initiating a manual update to the triPOS BIN tables requires that triPOS 5.1.0 or higher be used, and is supported in both the Windows and Linux versions of triPOS Direct.   Instructions (for both Windows and Linux) Download the UsBinFile.gz and UsBinFile.gz.tri files…
11.11.2019 Action Plan updates to the original draft of Express/triPOS and Datacap target availability 04.01.2020 Current updates highlighted.  BBPOS and triPOS 5.17 Ingenico good to go. 05.18.2020 Clarified Acquired merchants  11.17.2020 Updated availability of EMV Ctls on triPOS solutions with Ingenico Telium and Tetra devices and Verifone MX…
Hello,    I am trying to test our gift card integration with WorldPay. How can we obtain some test gift cards so we can test?    Thank you!
I want to integrate Web pos system to IPP 350 Ingenico  VIa TriPOS.   Mens, Application is hosted and I need to transfer sales amount to IPP 350 swiping machine   So, How it is possible?   also, I checked demo of (Cloud POS Demo )  but Model number is only MX925 and MX915 so IPP 350 is possible ?
The Lane 3000 is not currently listed as a P2Pe validated device that would allow Merchants to reduce their SAQ sections and controls with Tri-POS direct. However, under the PCI Security Standards website, it is listed as a supported PTS POI device along with Ingenico's Unified Payment Platform (UPP) as a dependent application.   Does this mean… (Show more)
triPOS Mobile SDK provides Android applications with a rapid integration for EMV support, point-of-interaction device support, and the Express platform. triPOS does the heavy lifting for PCI DSS compliance and offers a hassle free setup for merchants. 
Hi,   We currently use the Direct API Integration method and render the payment form within an iframe. We have recently received an email saying that we need to switch 3D Secure on.   My question is this: How do we do this when using this integration method?  Do we even need to do anything?   I can't see anything in the documentation that… (Show more)
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