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I use xml format to create worldpay hosted page, and I need setting language, but it no work, please help me, thank you <order orderCode="1234" installationId="1387160" captureDelay="0" shopperLanguageCode="ja">
Click to view contentHow to get started with Express Worldpay has a highly scalable point of sale (POS) processing platform called Express, which is built around a comprehensive semi-integrated payment portfolio, Vantiv Integration Suite for Express. The Express interface payment processing platform supports multiple payment integration and implementation options,…
When generating payment transaction requests on Express, developers can generate either an XML or SOAP request when using the Express API. XML is the preferred interface option, as new functionality and enhancements are no longer implemented with SOAP.    Register for a test account to receive an email with the credentials necessary to populate…
Hi,   We have the Vantiv payment terminal. When the user removes the card before he/she either hears the sound from the terminal (about a successful transaction) or sees the message "Please Remove Card". In one of many tries, we've got our terminal stuck at "This Lane Closed" message. In the logs we see the following errors:  … (Show more)
Hi! We are using TriPOS cloud and we recently noticed something that we could not quite explain. We had a transaction and tried to settle it but it failed with a Transaction Not Found Error. After some research we realized that the transaction in our system had a different TransactionID and ReferenceNumber than it had on the host. Also the… (Show more)
Been getting an Error 1009 as XML response.  Worldpay customer service is not able to see these transaction attempts.   The Express Interface documentation says 1009 is just "Error".   (Some data changed for privacy.)  These are some xml values of note:         <ExpressResponseCode>1009</ExpressResponseCode>       … (Show more)
Updating triPOS Direct BIN tables manually (Windows or Linux)   Requirements Initiating a manual update to the triPOS BIN tables requires that triPOS 5.1.0 or higher be used, and is supported in both the Windows and Linux versions of triPOS Direct.   Instructions (for both Windows and Linux) Download the UsBinFile.gz and UsBinFile.gz.tri files…
Welcome to Worldpay from FIS Integrated Payments developer community. This site is designed to get you familiar with the variety of resources available to help you integrate our payment processing solutions and add-on features to your payment application. Worldpay from FIS Integrated Payments leverages two core platforms: Express and MercuryPay.…
Click to view contentThe Express Interface Detailed   The Express Interface is a highly secured, scalable, and reliable payment processing platform providing low cost and high speed transaction processing for card-present (such as retail, auto rental, restaurant, etc.) and card-not-present (ecommerce, mail order, telephone order) merchants.   It provides credit…
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