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We moved from Worldpay to Vantiv and our software is not synced with the new system. As a result we are not getting any reports for the almost 1 month. Need someone to guide through the process. 
Hi    Is there is any proper documentation to clarify how to install Ingenico iuc285 with tripos payment gateway?   Also, Is there is any way to disable PinPad on IUC285 - I am getting an error after I have update  <terminalCapability>6008C8</terminalCapability>  In the response I am getting "EMV transaction declined by card after online… (Show more)
In our (we are a payment middleware vendor) POS implementation, for card-present (CP) payments, we would like to not have to prompt the user for the specific payment method (MOP) they will use, since that they should be free to use whatever is most convenient for them as long as it's one of the allowed payment methods (MOPs) supported by the… (Show more)
I understand that there is a setting change in triPOS.EMV.config for the Ingenico iUC285, specifically this:      <!-- CVM's = online PIN, offline enciphered PIN, offline plaintext PIN, signature and no CVM  E0F8C8=orig 6008C8=iUC285 -->   <terminalCapability>6008C8</terminalCapability>   We have no issues using the device, except for… (Show more)
Click to view contentHi, We're using triPOS Cloud and managing Lane connections using REST API. I can see Lane Status keep getting Closed/Open(screenshot below).      I have few queries mentioned below. Please provide your inputs 1. Why it's keep getting closed automatically ? 2. How to toggle status to Open (currently in Closed state)? (Is there a way using REST… (Show more)
The triPOS Direct metadata (i.e.:  localhost:8080/api/metadata?xsd=1) page for v5.16 is still returning the below exception text (has been happening for the past several versions, FWIW).  This presents challenges for getting information on the operations (outside of the Swagger UI), and schemas for service, data, and collection types (as well as… (Show more)
The last I heard there was an expected release date of end of March.  Is there an update/actual release date available yet?
Hi all, I have a customer that was interested in using their TriPOS Cloud MX915 to collect the customer's phone number from the customer for the purpose of collecting their loyalty information (just like you see at many traditional retailers.) It appears the "input" endpoint on TriPOS Cloud should do the trick, but I cannot see if it's possible… (Show more)
in store payments, which field is the differentiator whether it is apple pay, or contactless credit card transaction?
We are using tripos cloud. However we have a Challenge  with the timing of the "Approval" Message on the actual pinpad vs API Response. The response from the API and actual "Approval" message on the terminal has about 5 to 10 second gap, this causes confusion between cashier and customer in busy stores. Is there anyway to delay the "Approval"… (Show more)
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