• I have asked for Test credentials. But its been more than a week now and no one contacted me from worldPay team

    As suggested in other FAQs and blogs, I requested worldPay to provide me test credentials for one of my mobile apps which needs to be integrated with payment gateway.    Its been a week now and no one from ...
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  • CARDSAVE iframe JavaScript attempt to initiate

    Using the Cardsave Iridium gateway. The payment part of the website is via an iFrame held on the main website. This has been in place for many years working fine. Recently though cards that require a 3DS check fa...
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  • is there any php sdk or Magento ecommerce module to support US online payments with Payfac support

    Below is our requirement.   In Magento We have sub merchants and in front end customer place an order by choosing particular merchant id. So the order amount should be credited to that particular merchant id. &...
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  • Can WorldPay help us offer debit cards to our customers?

    Can WorldPay help us offer debit cards to our customers?   We will update the balance on the debit card (add or subtract), and let our customers transactions conduct transactions with merchants (specif...
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  • Pricing for the PayFac Payment gateway

    Pricing for the PayFac Payment gateway changes + per transaction changes?
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  • When a token is created, is it in a global vault or is it sub-merchant specific?

    We want Tokens to be used on our entire site, but want to know if they are in a global vault or are they submerchant specific?
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  • No Access to CNP documents on Worldpay One

    I was trying to access the CNP V12 document under the PayFac page and it says the document cannot be found.  Please advise as to how I can get access.  I work with PayFac's at Worldpay and we both could not ...
  • Banking Relationship with Pay Fac

    I am with a community bank and working with a company that is hoping to establish a Pay Fac model. They have came to us asking for assistance and I am trying to work through that. What does the typical bank/Pay F...
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  • Hosted Credit Card Tokenization Process

    Our company is exploring the possibility to have their website redirect users to a payment gateway hosted by Vantiv (we're currently an Element/Vantiv customer) to meet current PCI compliance standards. The user would...
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  • Error in request: customBillingDescriptionPrefix

    When creating a sub merchant, i'm getting an error when trying to POST the submerchant record.  I am using the "prelive" environment.     customBillingDescriptionPrefix:Custom Billing Description Prefi...
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  • What countries is PayFac available for?

    What countries of Payment Facilitator businesses do you support? (I.e. where they are domiciled) Also, what is the list of countries of sub-merchants' businesses you support? Finally, is there a limitation...
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  • Is there a webhook or other notification system for legal entity status changes

    Hi,   When boarding a legal entity we sometimes run into some that are marked as "Manual Review". We then have to wait 1-2 business days (or more) until they are approved. Is there a way to get a notification fo...
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  • How to distribute app with Worldpay integration to multiple businesses?

    Hi So I am new to the world of online payments as a developer and would like to understand whether what I am trying to do is possible. We have developed a web app which we are looking to sell to businesses. The app i...
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  • Requirments for on-boarding 501c7 client

    Greetings - we are a new PayFac partner and we have a 501c7 client that we are trying to on-board. Where can I find documentation on configuration/requirements to on-board this client?   Thanks!
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  • Mastercard phasing out Technical Fallback from chip to Magnetic stripe

    Hello, According to the Merchant Network Updates in Fall 2018, technical fallback standards are revised for Mastercard in certain regions.    These requirements seem obscure for U.S. region as "I...
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  • CHARTS File Spec not matching the CHARTs Sample File

    I am trying to test our app that downloads CHARTS files to analyze chargebacks. Unfortunately the CHARTS File Spec spreadsheet document is not matching the CHARTs Sample File. I noticed this because the spec docu...
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  • How to perform CVV validation on PaymentAccountCreate?

    I noticed that CVV is not required on PaymentAccountCreate and also CVVResponseCode is missing when using the new generated token. How can I perform CVV validation prior creating token (PaymentAccountCreate). Should ...
  • Event Payment API Integration In Web Application

    How to start Vantiv Payment API Integration in my Web application. I have no Idea to start to Integrate Payment API Plese Guide Me Step By Step.
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  • Identifying Fallbacks with POS Entry Mode?

    I am working on having our system identify fallback transactions. The Worldpay ISO 8583 Reference Guide V2.26 shows 2 POS Entry Mode values for fallbacks: 79 - "Fallback from Chip transactions when keying t...
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  • vantiv

    Hello, my name is Oliver Leopold from ChoreBug. We are looking for a solution to pay our employee's bank account. Would vantiv be able to help with that? Thanks.
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