• Dynamic Payout - Simplified Sub-merchant Funding

    As many in the payments industry know, Payment Facilitation is an exciting new model providing significant opportunities for progressive, growth-oriented companies.  Stated briefly, Payment Facilitators are merch...
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  • Q & A: Is becoming a Payment Facilitator right for you?

    Payment Facilitators take on an active role in facilitating transactions by providing white-labeled payment processing services that can be integrated into a sub-merchant's overall solution, or as part of their own pl...
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  • What is the payment facilitator model?

    A model for streamlining merchant services  In the payment facilitator model, a software provider registers with an acquirer to provide payment services to sub-merchants that utilize their software. By registeri...
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  • Digital Wallets – Apple Pay is NOT a Method of Payment

    Most eCommerce companies see Apple Pay as a new method of payment - yet another hat in the alternative payments ring.   What these companies are missing, however, is that Apple Pay isn't a method of payment, and...
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