• Hosted Credit Card Tokenization Process

    Our company is exploring the possibility to have their website redirect users to a payment gateway hosted by Vantiv (we're currently an Element/Vantiv customer) to meet current PCI compliance standards. The user would...
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  • Understanding the PayFac (Payment Facilitators) model

    The PayFac® (Payment Facilitators) Model As defined by the card brands, Payment Facilitators are entities that contract with Worldpay to provide payment processing services to their own merchant client...
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  • Understanding PCI Requirements for Payment Facilitators

    Because of the increased complexity of acting as a Payment Facilitator and aggregating payments, Payment Facilitators face additional requirements related to PCI as well as added requirements from the card brands. ...
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  • How is PayFac Integration Different?

    As explained in developing applications for Payment Facilitators, there are a number of business and technical requirements that make payment facilitation different. These include more stringent PCI requirements and i...
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  • Integrating with Epic Systems

    Hello, we are a health care organization and use Epic Systems for our software.  We are interested in your product, but notice that you're not currently listed as a gateway vendor.  Can you advise if your co...
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