• Banking Relationship with Pay Fac

    I am with a community bank and working with a company that is hoping to establish a Pay Fac model. They have came to us asking for assistance and I am trying to work through that. What does the typical bank/Pay F...
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  • What countries is PayFac available for?

    What countries of Payment Facilitator businesses do you support? (I.e. where they are domiciled) Also, what is the list of countries of sub-merchants' businesses you support? Finally, is there a limitation...
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  • Is there a webhook or other notification system for legal entity status changes

    Hi,   When boarding a legal entity we sometimes run into some that are marked as "Manual Review". We then have to wait 1-2 business days (or more) until they are approved. Is there a way to get a notification fo...
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  • Requirments for on-boarding 501c7 client

    Greetings - we are a new PayFac partner and we have a 501c7 client that we are trying to on-board. Where can I find documentation on configuration/requirements to on-board this client?   Thanks!
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  • Update Sub-merchant

    Return to the list of PayFac® API examples   You can update the several items associated with a Sub-merchant. To update information associated with a Sub-merchant, you submit a subMerchantUpdateRequest mess...
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  • Am I a PayFac (Payment Facilitator)?

    Worldpay empowers Payment Facilitators to fully leverage the inherent benefits of the PayFac® model by enabling them to own the relationship with their sub-merchants and maintain complete control over the cu...
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  • How is PayFac Integration Different?

    As explained in developing applications for Payment Facilitators, there are a number of business and technical requirements that make payment facilitation different. These include more stringent PCI requirements and i...
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  • How does one do a Bulk Upload of Sub Merchants?

    How does one do a Bulk Upload of Sub Merchants?
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