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Greetings - we are a new PayFac partner and we have a 501c7 client that we are trying to on-board. Where can I find documentation on configuration/requirements to on-board this client?   Thanks!
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Hello, According to the Merchant Network Updates in Fall 2018, technical fallback standards are revised for Mastercard in certain regions.    These requirements seem obscure for U.S. region as "Issuers may decline technical fallback transactions". Taking this into consideration, would it be recommended to disable/decline fallback transactions… (Show more)
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As many in the payments industry know, Payment Facilitation is an exciting new model providing significant opportunities for progressive, growth-oriented companies.  Stated briefly, Payment Facilitators are merchant service providers that simplify the merchant account enrollment process. They operate on a sub-merchant platform where merchants… (Show more)
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Click to view contentPayment Facilitators take on an active role in facilitating transactions by providing white-labeled payment processing services that can be integrated into a sub-merchant's overall solution, or as part of their own platform as a service.   But what exactly does it entail and is it right for you?   Software providers have many options when it… (Show more)
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The attached document describes the process for Payment Facilitators obtaining new credentials.  The link to the download can be found at the bottom of the page.
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I am trying to test our app that downloads CHARTS files to analyze chargebacks. Unfortunately the CHARTS File Spec spreadsheet document is not matching the CHARTs Sample File. I noticed this because the spec document says a Detail Segment #1 will have a "Merchant number" starting on column 321 but in the sample file, each line ends at column 321.… (Show more)
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