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Hello, my name is Oliver Leopold from ChoreBug. We are looking for a solution to pay our employee's bank account. Would vantiv be able to help with that? Thanks.
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I am working on having our system identify fallback transactions. The Vantiv ISO 8583 Reference Guide V1.5 shows 2 POS Entry Mode values for fallbacks: 79 - "Fallback from Chip transactions when keying the prior voice authorization" 80 - "Fallback from Chip to magnetic stripe"   What is the difference between the 2 codes? Does a "79" mean that,… (Show more)
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I am working with my Vantiv payfac account manager to determine what API version we need to get certain features and functionality available.  It was hard to locate all the available APIs, the latest versions, and differences between the versions.
I'm implementing a middleware API that can handle both cn and cnp, but I'm not sure what attributes I should be requiring to qualify a transaction as card-present.   In addition, can you explain what are the expected values for these attributes, or are they free data point?: Are these common values found on POS terminals? {       Terminal: {… (Show more)
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Is there possibility to use sandbox/preLive environments outside US?
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Hi,   When boarding a legal entity we sometimes run into some that are marked as "Manual Review". We then have to wait 1-2 business days (or more) until they are approved. Is there a way to get a notification for these status changes so we can automate the re-boarding process for the merchants?
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Our company is exploring the possibility to have their website redirect users to a payment gateway hosted by Vantiv (we're currently an Element/Vantiv customer) to meet current PCI compliance standards. The user would need to be able to "tokenize" their credit card on a Vantiv-hosted page, from which would then be redirected back to the company's… (Show more)
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PayFac Obtaining New Credentials Info - V1.2
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We are planning our migration to Dynamic Distribution and have a question about how we can phase in the new processes.   In PayFac_Dynamic_Payout_FAQ_V1.6.pdf it states   Question: Can I use Dynamic Payout to distribute funds to only a portion of my portfolio of sub-merchants and pay other sub-merchants using a different method? Answer: No. If… (Show more)
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Hi. I am David in UAE. I am building betting app for sports game. Everything is finished except payment integration. And it seems like Vanity seems a solution to my project. Could you tell me how to integrate it to my project? Payment modeling and so on? What I have in mind is 1. to get funds from credit cards of users 2. Funding a… (Show more)
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