Expanded Integration Options for Android Pay

Blog Post created by gjsissons on Mar 14, 2017

android_pay.JPGFor developers following the red hot mobile wallet space, web-based payments are a big deal.  Websites supporting mobile wallets can provide the one-touch convenience and user-experience of an in-app payment, but without the hassle of downloading and installing an app.  This translates into higher conversions, fewer abandoned carts and increased sales.


Through the late Fall and Winter, Vantiv has been busy adding to our portfolio of integration options for Mobile Wallets, and in March we unveiled a comprehensive set of developer resources for Android Pay. New developer resources include:


  • Solutions for in-store, point-of-sale payments using Android Pay with NFC/Tap technology
  • Android Pay In-app payment solutions for multiple Vantiv payment front-ends
  • Support for Google’s Payment Request API, enabling one-touch payments using Android Pay directly from a merchant’s mobile website


To access our Android Pay developer resources organized by use case and payment platform, visit the Vantiv O.N.E. Google Community.


To learn more about Android Pay and Vantiv, you can read our two-part series on Android Pay Mobile Web here.


For assistance with Android Pay and other mobile wallet integrations you can contact a representative or send e-mail to mobileteam@vantiv.com.