Express is P2PE Validated

Blog Post created by nnagisetty on May 12, 2016

Vantiv Integrated Payments is proud to announce the validation of five new PIN pads and magstripe readers on Express processing platform for Point-to-Point Encryption with the PCI Security Council. Vantiv Integrated Payment is the first and only validated solution to support VeriFone PIN pads including Vx805, MX915 and MX925. In addition to these three devices, Express now supports ID Tech SecuRED and SREDKey.


With our P2PE validation merchants can now greatly reduce their scope of PCI DSS by  qualifying for SAQ P2PE-HW. Merchants will save time and money by eliminating SAQ-D (230+ questions) vs. SAQ P2PE-HW (26 questions). With EMV adoption, merchants cannot risk being an easier target for criminals to compromise customer data. Take advantage of securing sensitive card data at the point entry and throughout transmission.


Software Developers already supporting P2PE on Express or through triPOS do not have any additional integration work to support a validated encryption solution. Grow your business and strengthen your brand with a validated P2PE payment application.


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