• Upcoming TLS 1.2 Express and MercuryPay Platform Changes

    Summary Per PCI 2018 requirements, processing servers are being required to remove encryption protocol ciphers no longer considered safe which include TLS v1.0 and v1.1. These two protocols must be retired by June 30,...
  • 5 Tips to Migrate to TLS 1.2 Security

    How to Migrate to TLS 1.2 Who doesn't love a good, rich security protocol, you may ask?  You love them because they keep your networks safe; cybersecurity hackers love them because they can be back doors into ex...
  • Leading the Payments Landscape for Cloud POS

    As integrated point-of-sale systems continue to become mainstream for merchants who want more from their business management tools, cloud processing offers an attractive solution. Cloud POS software developers can mor...
  • What is the payment of the future?

    So, oh, what I want to know is...what is the payment of the future?   Is it by voice?   Is it by phone?   Is it by fingerprint?   By Iris?   By ….   Innovation is happening so quic...
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  • Apple Pay on the web - links to Vantiv press

    Cincinnati company helping launch Apple Pay Online | BizJournal   Vantiv Now Supports Apple Pay On The Web | PYMNTS.com   Apple, Payment Providers Launch Apple Pay for Websites | CardNotPresent.com
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  • What does it mean to be an Expert?

    During all of my college years I had to have a beer in hand to write a good paper.  I think it was more habit than anything else, but it always seemed to set the stage for the appropriate combination of relaxatio...
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  • Immortal Technology

    I have stated on several occasions to think about upgrade cycles on your POI (point of interaction) hardware at 2-3 years.  One of my coworkers absorbed these statements in the literal sense that 2 years is all t...
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  • Applied Problem Solving

    It’s a rare pleasure when you can work together as a team to solve a problem. It takes more than understanding the problem, it takes the ability to recognize the strengths of others, create measurable milestones...
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  • Pioneers of EMV

    EMV – It’s been the buzz word for the last two years as integrators work on updating their POS to support the new form of payment to protect their merchants. It’s been a constant game of ‘hurry...
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  • Be a Champion of Change: How to Embrace Innovation to Meet Consumer Demand

    Learn how companies need to adapt to be competitive in this Payments Journal article and grab the most recent white paper from FIS on Consumer Preferences.    Consumer Preferences Are Shifting. Here’s...
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  • How to Troubleshoot a Test Payment Fail on Worldpay Express Hosted Payments Page

      Worldpay hosted payment pages provide websites with a simple and secure way to integrate payments into a site without the additional overhead of PCI compliance and the benefit of access to a multitude of payme...
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  • Investing in our people – reaping rewards from refocused time

     Workplace distractions are an indigestible all-you-can-eat buffet. It starts with the sugary snacks, like Twitter, Instagram, Amazon or eBay. They’re garnished with carb-heavy coffee runs, lunch options, a...
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  • Engineering leadership – the decisions that created Access Worldpay

    Faced with a pile of LEGO, any child knows that building something from scratch involves lots of decisions – about who can help, what to build, and whether it can be adapted later on. Those decisions can transfo...
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  • Working With eCommerce Pre-Production Testing Environment

    Testing is a critical component of your payment integration process across in-person, online, and mobile channels. To provide the best customer experience possible, everything within each transaction must work consist...
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  • Take the Developer Quiz, Enter to Win 1 Year of Netflix

      It's the most magical time of the year for Worldpay's developer community: our annual survey of payments developers is out: 2019 Payments Developer Insights Survey.   Take the survey (it's just 26 questi...
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  • Community Question of the Month: How to follow triPOS releases

      Our most viewed question thread this month was a simple (but very useful) query by user arrao on accessing the latest and greatest triPOS release notes.   Here's his question: Unable to access the https:...
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  • Growing in breadth and depth

    If you want real speed, it pays to be smooth. Put another way, to give your customers the truly responsive and reliable service they expect, not only must your core principles and working practices work in harmony, bu...
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  • How continuous integration underpins lean, agile ways of working.

      To experience the breathless pace of software development today, just think about the constant cycle of app updates on your phone. It’s no different for Access Worldpay, but with greater stakes – i...
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  • What does TDD mean to us?

    Global companies rarely get to write software from scratch, reappraising existing code, methods and assumptions before deciding whether or not to apply them. Access Worldpay provided such an opportunity and the team s...
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  • Can your Payment Application Keep a Secret?

    To say that application architectures are evolving quickly is an understatement. In the age of cloud, mobile apps and back-end services can simply never go down.  Developers are increasingly turning to scalable, ...
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