• The What and Why of Using an SDK for App Development

      One thing that you learn (the hard way, sometimes) as a developer is that the amount of time and effort you invest in writing an application does not necessarily correlate closely with the amount of functional...
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  • Apple Pay Developer - How to Build an Apple Pay Mobile Wallet

    Why develop an Apple Pay mobile wallet? Help unlock more conversions for your customers by understanding the statistics behind the Apple Pay mobile wallet.  While mobile wallet adoption has la...
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  • Getting Started with the triPOS Cloud API

    These days, payments can be done multiple ways: EMV, credit, mobile wallets (Apple Pay, Android Pay, etc.), to name just a few.   This flexibility of payment options is great in most respects, but it creates ch...
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  • P2PE Secure Coding Checklist

     Adopting a P2PE solution is a great start to securing your retail payments, but it isn’t the end of your security responsibilities as a merchant organization. You still need to enforce best practices for d...
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  • The Advantages of Using iframes for Hosted Payment Pages

    Browser frames — also known as iframes — have been around since Netscape introduced them in 1996. Back then, iframes were sometimes used in ways that appear wacky by modern standards, such as for the struc...
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  • Worldpay ONE Recommended Read: The Anatomy of Peace – Resolving the Heart of Conflict

    I usually let book titles stand on their own, but I had to include the subtitle “Resolving the Heart of Conflict” along with The Anatomy of Peace or you might have just scrolled right past this article. I ...
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  • The Benefits of Sharing Code on GitHub

    GitHub is a massively popular tool among developers these days — and with good reason. It offers all of the functionality of Git, and much more to boot. Indeed, GitHub has become so important to modern software ...
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  • Worldpay Developers Go to Money20/20

    Next week, Money20/20 is putting on the best Fintech hackathon in the world, and Worldpay is sending 5 of our own to compete. The challenge: to design solutions for a simpler, fairer, and more inclusive financial syst...
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  • How To Build a FinTech App in 24 Hours

      In your mind what would be the outcome if a crowd of 500 payment geeks spread out in a large banquet room in Vegas for 36 hours? Do we truly understand the problems we are being asked ...
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  • Congrats to our Developer Survey winners!

      We randomly selected 3 winners from our Developer Survey participants. These lucky, lucky winners will receive a sweet $100 Amazon gift card!     Congrats to: ajohnstone frank jodi@vinbalanc...
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  • Worldpay ONE Recommended Read: Make Your Bed

    Sick of hearing about New Year’s resolutions you know you won’t keep because they’re too darn hard? Here’s an easy one for you: make your bed.     If you want to know why I make th...
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  • Worldpay ONE Recommended Read: How The Mighty Fall

    The New Year is just around the corner – hooray! Before we douse ourselves in optimism and egg nog, allow me to share with you insights from a book that’s bound to make you temporarily less cheery. Acclaim...
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  • 9 insights from our payments developers survey

    We're currently conducting the WorldPay's Developer Insights Survey - a survey to explore the landscape of developers coding for payments and commerce. Here are some highlights we've collected so f...
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  • Worldpay ONE Recommended Read: Pour Your Heart Into It

      A conversation I had with the owner of a Worldpay ISV partner three months ago went something like this: ISV: “There’s this great salesperson I’ve known for years – he’s the kind...
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  • Interchange for Dummies

    A Primer on Card Processing Fees  For developers who have worked mostly with gateways, coding to a payment processor can be a different experience. The interfaces can feel a little more complicated, but it turns...
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  • Do you know what to look for in P2PE?

    Last year, 85%-90% of all business assets were digital. The average security breach costs U.S. businesses an average of $7.35 million, making information security a top strategic priority for modern businesses. Plus d...
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  • Developer's Guide for Payment Gateway Integration

    Considerations when choosing a gateway integration There are a lot of payment gateways out there, and choosing the right payment solution can be overwhelming. Especially when you consider that there is no si...
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  • Worldpay ONE Recommended Read: Everyone’s A Coach

      Why don’t more executives and their employees invest in self-education? One reason is a time constraint. Another reason: it’s boring. If you carve out time to read a book but you keep falling aslee...
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  • Datacap NETePay 5.07.30 Support Update

    NETePay 5.07 is now standard Worldpay Integrated Payments will begin to deploy Datacap Systems, Inc.,  In-Store NETePay version 5.07.30 as the default standard for all new deployments starting August 29, 20...
  • How I got addicted to paying with my Apple watch in London

      Recently I had the opportunity to visit London and I was amazed by the convenience of contactless pay everywhere. For those of you who use Apple Pay with the Apple watch, you might have already experienced som...
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